Something Neat 23: The Times TV Special: Best Adaptations of Hit Novels

"Hmm. Perhaps I should start taking the Times."

“Hmm. Perhaps I should start taking the Times.”

Hello out there!  Admin and I are still here!  We’ve just taken a bit of a break, and we’re still stuck mostly at home like everyone else.  But this May 24th, 2020 article in The Times  on the best television adaptations of “hit novels” happened to catch my eye, because it mentioned a character near and dear to our hearts, the Rev. Edward Casaubon:

Middlemarch (1994)
The novel is rarely adapted for TV, but this is a winner, with Rufus Sewell as young Will Ladislaw, Juliet Aubrey as the bookish Dorothea Brooke and Patrick Malahide as her dry-as-dust husband Edward Casaubon.

I’ve written elsewhere as to why I don’t think Casaubon is quite as “dry-as-dust” as he appears, although he certainly goes out of his way to conform to that perception.    But I do have to agree (yes, I’m biased) that the 1994 “Middlemarch” is one of the best tv adaptations out there.  I find it hard to imagine anyone else besides Mr. Malahide as Casaubon.  “Game of Thrones” gets a mention in the article too, but since it’s not due to Balon Greyjoy, I think we can safely skip over that part.  😉

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