Patrick Malahide on Indian Summers Channel 4 – March 8

indian summers

The Viceroy and his Rolls Royce Phantom. Source: What’s On TV

From What’s On TV:

9:00pm, Sunday, 8 March 2015,Channel 4

The Viceroy (the only character based on a real person, and played by Patrick Malahide) arrives in Simla this week to a welcome of clinking glasses and sparkling conversation, but he seems set on discussing his private secretary’s romantic affairs. He’s keen to meet Ralph’s ‘young lady’, but if Eugene gets his way, Madeleine will be on the next boat back to Chicago. Meanwhile, Aafrin makes high demands on Alice when he worries his home will be searched, and sneaky Sarah (Fiona Glascott, playingthe snooty missionary’s wife beautifully) does some digging of her own when news from home reveals Alice is lying about her ‘dead’ husband.

Can’t wait to see him in action.

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