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****UPDATE: July 31.  He is playing the Viceroy!  At least that is what his IMDB is saying.  Looks like our guess was good.  😉


We don’t have a huge amount to go on, but here are a couple of references to Patrick Malahide’s involvement in a new epic series currently being filmed called Indian Summers.  It also stars Julie Walters (Mrs. Weasley!) and is being co-produced by the very lovely and talented Indira Varma, so it is shaping up to be pretty spectacular.

Actor/singer Ash Nair has posted a couple of photos on his Instagram account.  One with Mr. Malahide and one with Julie Walters.

Assistant Director John Bennett has posted a reference to Indian Summers, mentioning both Mr. Malahide and Ms. Walters, on his CV.  Here’s a link, be warned it is a PDF file.

The only thing in the paper he believes is the date.

He’d make a great Viceroy, right Jonesy?

For more information on Indian Summers, click here.  If doesn’t reference Patrick Malahide specifically though it does make mention of a “Viceroy” character.  That sounds a suitably important role,  so maybe  that will be his part.  I certainly hope he has lots of scenes with Julie Walters because she is fantastic.  Of course, they have already worked together in A Short Stay in Switzerland, so you know they’ll have great chemistry.

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