Patrick Malahide in Murphy’s Stroke

Why does he have to be in such a rush?

Why does he have to be in such a rush?

In 1980, Patrick Malahide appeared in the 1980 Thames made for television film Murphy’s Stroke as the title character’s lawyer Mr. Parker.  For some reason, the role is not (currently) listed on Mr. Malahide’s IMDB, though his name appears in the beginning film credits so it was certainly a credited role.

Actually, his name appears this way:  Patrick Malahide as Parker and v/o. Which must mean he did some voice over work for the production, but I didn’t recognize his voice anywhere else in the film, so I have no idea where it might appear.  There were some scenes where it seemed like voices were being dubbed in at the main race, but I couldn’t identify his.

Patrick Malahide as Parker & v/o

Patrick Malahide as Parker & v/o

The film isn’t currently in print, but  I got my copy off of Ebay.  It was originally a free DVD in the Daily Mail.   It sometimes pops up on Ebay at a reasonable price if you look often enough.   Just be sure you can play Region 2 (UK) dvds before buying.

Anyway, the film is based on the real life 1974  Gay Future racing fraud.  I won’t bother with a recap, since you can read about it in the Wiki link which isn’t long, but it is a very good movie.   It stars Niall Toibin as Tony Murphy, the ring leader and a very young Pierce Brosnan as Edward O’Grady, the trainer who secretly trained Gay Future.  It has a lot of subtle humour and it is very, very Irish in feel with reels playing throughout.  It certainly has a low-budget, slightly dated feel to it, but in a nice way.  It is a cozy, fun, gentle film, and I like it.

Patrick Malahide appears towards the end of the film as Murphy’s lawyer Mr. Parker.  He looks so dashing and composed, especially when compared to the more rumpled Murphy.  Unfortunately, he is in something of a hurry, being on his way to Hammersmith Court.  What a pity. Come back, Mr. Parker!

"I'll give you a call tomorrow."

“I’ll give you a call tomorrow.”

Basically, he just tells Murphy that the bookies have a right to withhold payment until there has been an inquiry.  I kind of get the feeling he knows darn well there has been a massive stroke played because he gives Murphy some very fetching, but somewhat knowing smiles.  He’s a cute one, that Mr. Parker. 🙂

Then with a polite, “I’ll give you a call tomorrow, must dash,” he practically runs away.   And that’s it.  Not much screen time, but he looks absolutely gorgeous and it really is a nice film, so I’m happy.   I’d be happier still if I knew where his voice over work is though. 😉

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