Patrick Malahide in Comfort & Joy, on BBC2

Good news for UK residents:  Comfort & Joy will be airing on BBC2 Feb 2 at 1am.  Information here.

BBC2’s Synopsis:
Quirky comedy in which a Scottish DJ with personal problems is landed with a whole lot more when he becomes involved in a feud between two rival families of ice cream sellers.

Colin: "I only hung around with you because you knew all of the fast girls." Alan: "Yeah, but you married one of them. You got one of them to keep."

See?  Perfect!

Patrick Malahide plays Colin, the DJ’s (Bill Paterson) best friend.  He is a doctor, a father, and an all around perfect sort.

You can read RFodchuk’s Comfort & Joy recap here.

Right now, C&J is no longer in print as a home video release.  We are hoping that it will eventually get a re-release on a nice cleaned up DVD.  The upcoming broadcast is a step in the right direction for getting more recognition for this “hidden gem”.


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