Patrick Malahide in Channel 4′s New Worlds

Patrick Malahide to be John Francis in Channel 4’s New Worlds

“Patrick Malahide to appear in New Worlds?  I better learn how to program that recorder now, sir.”

Back in August, we posted that Patrick Malahide was probably going to be in Channel 4’s upcoming New Worlds drama.  Well, Power, a co-producer of the production, was kind enough to answer our query and let us know that Mr. Malahide will indeed be appearing as a character named John Francis.

That is all we know at present, but it is great to know we have something new to look forward to in 2014.

We wonder what sort of guy will John Francis be?  Good? Bad? Somewhere in between?

From Power’s website:

The story is set in the turbulent 1680’s and follows the bitter struggles of two young men and two young women caught up in the events of the time in England and America.  New Worlds is a gripping story of love, loss and the human price paid for the freedoms and liberties we enjoy today on both sides of the Atlantic.

Sounds promisng! Maybe he’ll be dashing and heroic, like Sir Myles (wrong century, but lets go with it anyway).  Or perhaps scruffy and a bit crazy like Uncle Ebenezer or Balon?  Maybe he’ll be all gentrified like Gov. Ainslee (right century too).

Or maybe he’ll be like none of the above whatsoever! Oh – What if he’s a weird Sir Myles/Ebenzer combo?  That would rock! 😉  Hopefully, we’ll soon be finding out a lot more.

Watching Byrne and Strang escape over the rooftops when...

Dashing freedom fighter.

Patrick Malahide as Uncle Ebenezer : Kidnapped

Slightly less dashing freedom fighter.


Right out front with Trotter close behind. ;-)

Charles the II’s henchman.

'Sorry, slip of the tongue. Your money *and* your life.'

What’s he doing here?


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3 Responses to Patrick Malahide in Channel 4′s New Worlds

  1. Janet Ferguson says:

    What a prolific and diversified person and talent, and kudus to you two who maintain this “real time” blog. Spent an hour this a.m. (like 3:00 a.m.) reading Patrick Malahide: An Actor’s Life website, after revisiting with my husband via DVD the Inspector Alleyn mystery series this past week (compliments of our local county library!). Not being “theatre buffs” we had no idea what an opus he has created from theatrical work and appearances to TV, movies, radio, and etc. It shows you how we often only see the “tip of the iceberg” and unless we delve, we never appreciate the contributions our favorite actors have made and continue to make to their “trade.”
    Mr. Duggan’s contribution to the theatre arts and “the arts” through his organizational development talents and charities is also fascinating reading.
    Somehow the vision of Mr. Duggan’s Mom walking through a castle followed by two Irish Wolfhounds stands out!
    Have any of Mr. Duggan’s plays been published? Do you know if the play, “Embers” is available on audio or DVD? Or if the script has been published?
    PS I am working on writing a part for Patrick Malahide for Downton Abbey. I need more than a day, but am sure I will find something for him to do. Will keep you posted.

    • Janet Ferguson says:

      Sorry about the above editing. I am almost certain Irish Wolfhounds belong in a different paragraph.

    • admin says:

      Thank you 🙂 I agree, the way he took his name based upon his mother’s experiences is brilliant. He seems very devoted to his heritage!

      Unfortunately, I don’t think Embers has been released in a DVD or audio format. Right now, the closest to seeing his play work is probably his appearance in “Miss Julie”. It was filmed for the BBC.

      I think he’d be a perfect fit in Downton! He’d certainly lots of life to the program and he always has a fresh approach. Look forward to learning more about your script.

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