New Worlds: A Trailer and a Corrected Premier Date

We finally have a trailer!  And, from the official Channel 4 YouTube page, it says it Starts Tuesday | (1st April), 9pm | Channel 4 so ignore that March 30th date I posted earlier. 😉

Patrick Malahide’s John Francis character didn’t really feature in the trailer, but it seems like he has a very interesting role.  I’m pretty sure this is his chin at the 1:03 point!  😉  Eve Best (who plays his wife Angelica Fanshawe) and Freya Mavor (their daughter) are there.

I think I spy John Francis' chin.

I think I spy John Francis’ chin.

Here’s an animated gif. Put on your reading glasses to see it!

Bang! Gasp!

Video Clip:

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