New Worlds on Channel 4 Premier Date

March 19 update:  Looks like it is actually April 1 (Fool’s Day?) that it debuts.  At least according Channel 4’s trailer on You Tube 🙂

The only thing in the paper he believes is the date.

“Clear the calendar for March 30, Jonesy.”

Good news!  It looks like we’ve finally got an air date for Channel 4’s New Worldsfeaturing Patrick Malahide!  It will begin airing in the UK , March 30. Jamie Dornan News got the early scoop, so many thanks to them and their sleuthing work.

We still haven’t seen any images of Patrick Malahide as John Francis (the character he will be playing), but we’re sure he’ll be lovely.

Source: Tumblr: a clash of caps

“Just look at this cast list.”

It is now listed on IMDB, link here, and there are a lot of familiar faces for Game of Thrones fans (which, incidentally, begins April 6 on HBO).  Of course, we all know Mr. Malahide plays Lord Balon Greyjoy.  In addition, New Worlds will have James Cosmo (Jeor “Old Bear” Mormont), Joe Dempsie (Gendry), Ralph Ineson (Dagmer Cleftjaw), Michael McElhatton (Roose Bolton), and Donald Sumpter (Maester Luwin).  And those are just the ones I immediately recognized off the IMDB!

Bingham: "False alarm. Nobody's copied our bid." Turner: "How can you be so sure?"

“What d’ya mean it isn’t on Netflix?” 

Oh, and it has our good friend Bingham from Hunted, Tom Beard.  RFodchuk and I have also enjoyed his performances in Foyle’s War (something we would LOVE to see Mr. Malahide appear in, in fact RFodchuk wrote a great piece on that) and Whitechapel (something we would have loved to have seen Mr. Malahide in, but silly ITV put the kibash on that ).

But, it is Mr. Malahide we are really excited about.  2013 was a bit spare (although the Balon Greyjoy appearance was excellent). Fingers are duly crossed that 2014 will give us more to look forward to with New Worlds being the first of many!

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