Inspector Alleyn Mysteries on the Drama Channel

The Drama channel (UK) has a lovely website dedicated to Inspector Alleyn Mysteries.  They even have some episodes that you can watch for the month, of course you have to live in the UK (and for all I know be a Sky subscriber) to do that.  Boo!  Hiss! 😉

The perfect gentleman detective. Source: Drama

The perfect gentleman detective. Source: Drama

I love the way they accurately describe Inspector Alleyn.

Inspector Alleyn oozes quiet charisma – he’s the sort of chap whose perfect poise and refined voice makes onlookers melt in his presence. link

That sums him up perfectly.

Exuding sophistication. Source: Drama

Exuding sophistication. Source: Drama

They even talk a little bit about other gentleman detectives.  Well, none of them quite match up to Alleyn, though I do like Campion quite a bit.

Inspector Alleyn is the very essence of the gentleman detective. First of all, he’s of fine breeding. Consider the fact that he went to Eton, and his brother is called Sir George Alleyn. That should give you some idea of how blue his blood is, as will the way he speaks. Alleyn has the clipped, immaculate English accent of a mid-20th Century BBC announcer, and you just know he has an unfaltering command of grammar as well. (And let’s not ignore the fact that his first name is Roderick, for heaven’s sake.)

A dramatic, very Binney-like silhouette signals Alleyn's arrival at Ribblethorpe...

But it certainly isn’t all tea and crumpets. Source: Hand in Glove

Existing in a realm of exclusive London clubs, stately homes and government offices – he has a shady sideline in espionage – Inspector Alleyn exudes the sort of sophistication you just don’t see much of nowadays. In fact, just watching him work for a few minutes will make you feel nostalgic for an era you’re probably too young to even remember. Ahhh. link

Of course, we have some pretty amazing Alleyn resources on this blog, if you would like more gorgeous photos and in-depth recaps courtesy of RFodchuk be sure to have a look.

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