What if Everyone in “The Pickwick Papers” was on Facebook? – Part 5

When we last saw the Pickwickians, Miss Rachel’s virtue had been saved (much to her dismay) and Alfred Jingle had mysteriously vanished (okay, not that mysteriously)… only to be replaced by the equally devastatingly handsome, dashing, and charming Captain Charles Fitz-Marshall, whom the Pickwickians met at Mrs. Leo Hunter’s breakfast garden party/poetry slam.  Sadly, he had to depart abruptly, without even saying goodbye, and for some strange reason, Mr. Pickwick suspects that Jingle Fitz-Marshall might be up to no good!  Could his suspicions be well-founded?

Pickwick Papers Pastiche5 teaserAs always, my apologies to Charles Dickens for appropriating his work, but it’s a sign of affection, really.  :-) Sorry about the ads, too; those are Wall Machine’s idea.  Read on…

Well, Mr. Pickwick’s love life certainly has become a lot more lively all of a sudden!   And it’s mostly thanks to Jingle, who only seems to have Mr. Pickwick’s best interests at heart.  Although Pickwick seems to be doing not too badly for himself, even if he is leading on Mrs. Bardell dreadfully.  Surely nothing bad can arise from this!

Will the Westgate Girls School students ever stop swooning long enough to meet a Mysterious, Dashing Actor of their own (and then swoon some more)?  Will Mr. Pickwick live happily ever after with Mrs. Bardell?  Will he coach Winkle and Snodgrass on the secrets of his success?  And just where will Fitz-Marshall and his gorgeous uniform pop up next?  Stay tuned for the answers to these questions and much more in part 6…

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