Something Neat XXI: The Byre Theatre Saved


Reminiscing about the Byre.

The Byre Theatre in St. Andrews, Scotland is one of the early places where Patrick Malahide cut his acting teeth.  He worked as stage  manager and actor.  You can read a bit about that here in a previous post.

Well, the theatre had closed, but good news as St. Andrews University will now be running it.

In the Herald Scotland, Ken Smith writes about the theatre and Mr. Malahide,

THE mothballed Byre Theatre in St Andrews has been saved by the university, which will take it over.

We remember when actor Patrick Malahide was taken on as an inexperienced stage manager at The Byre many years ago and dabbled in acting at the same time. He later explained that, whatever role he was given, there had to be a pressing reason written into the play as to why his character had to leave the stage just before the end, so that he could bring down the curtain.

They were certainly very creative.  And it is good to know the historic theatre, and a key piece of Mr. Malahide’s early forays into acting, is being kept alive.

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