What’s On TV Interview with Patrick Malahide

That's enough time resting.  Now get in those cricket whites!

That’s enough time resting. Now get in those cricket whites!

What’s On TV have a really nice interview up with Patrick Malahide where he talks about Indian Summers, Minder and Game of Thrones.  Here are a couple of excerpts I found extra interesting.

Willingdon is the only character in Indian Summers based on a real person. Has that made a difference to your performance?
“I’ve done a bit of research on Willingdon so I’ve been able to feed in little things I’ve found out about him. Indian Summers’ writer Paul Rutman is really generous and collaborative and we often talked about the way the character was going. Paul’s very receptive. For example, when I mentioned to Paul that Willingdon was a first-class cricketer and wouldn’t it be great if he played cricked in India somehow, Paul being Paul, he grabbed that idea and turned it into something very clever…”

Will we see you in cricket whites?
“Later in the series you’ll see the Viceroy hold a cricket match in order to get various political parties to co-operate. Cricket becomes metaphor for trying to get an agreement through sport. So that’s the gem of an idea from an actor being taken up by the writer and turned into something else. It’s been really enjoyable to take a little bit of responsibility for the character.”

You show no signs of slowing down in your career, is that because you love the work?
“It’s the work really. If decent roles keep coming in, I’ll keep doing it! I’m lucky in that, as I get older, I get to be a bit pickier. It’s a very long time to pretend to be other people!”
Source: What’s On TV

And here’s hoping that Mr. Malahide chooses to pretend to be other people for many more years to come!  There is a lot more to the interview, so check it out.

And, Indian Summers S02E01 has aired and is as intriguing as ever….maybe even more so.   There will be a recap coming soon.  🙂

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