The Express on the Return of George Cornelius

Gorgeous George doing a bit of gangsterin’. Source: The Express

The Express has an article  discussing the delightful George Cornelius, who was recently featured in a teaser clip, and his return to”Luther”.  From the article:

 A new teaser clip shows the return of a popular character, George Cornelius (played by Patrick Malahide) in a dramatic showdown with DCI John Luther (Idris Elba).

Fans will remember in season four, Luther’s tense run-in with London crime boss George Cornelius.

Luther ends up getting involved with George, who is described as “a gentleman and a crook, a family man and a ruthless delinquent” in season four when looking into Alice’s (Ruth Wilson) life.

They don’t really provide any more information than what was shown in the teaser clip, but there are some very nice photos of Gorgeous George.  We at The Appreciation are really looking forward to seeing him in action once again.

And there has been another brief Magnus Crome sighting.  “Mortal Engines” has released yet another featurette, and in this one Magnus is shown being very Mayoral indeed.  He appears around the 43 second mark making a grand entrance.  I like the post-apocalyptic Beefeaters.

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