Something Neat XXXVIII: “Middlemarch” Publicity Photo

Another great find while image searching!  This time, it’s a colour version (albeit cropped) of a “Middlemarch” publicity photo I’d previously only seen in black and white, featuring Dorothea Brooke (Juliet Aubrey) and her fiancé, the Rev. Edward Casaubon (Mr. Malahide).  Click for a larger size.

Dorothea Brooke being charmed by the Rev. Edward Casaubon

Dorothea Brooke being charmed by a vampire the Rev. Edward Casaubon
(Image source: Dagens Nyheter)

I found the image on a Swedish site as part of an article discussing the impact of the “Cultural Man” (ie. Casaubon).  However, the translation provided by Google Translate was so rough that my comprehension had to end there – too bad, because I would’ve liked to have read the rest of what the author had to say.

It’s a great image because it’s so sweetly romantic and rather gallant; Casaubon hardly seems like a dusty, book-bound scholar whose blood is “all semicolons and parentheses” at all.  If he’d been able to keep up that attitude during their engagement and marriage, he and Dorothea wouldn’t have run into any trouble!  Unfortunately, as things were, he seemed to be completely bewildered and slightly fearful of the human contact thing, despite being certain he wanted to be married, so Dorothea had a bit of an uphill battle on her hands.  I think she would’ve worn him down eventually, though – in a good way.

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