Something Neat XXXVII: More Alleyn Publicity Pics

Here are a couple more “Inspector Alleyn” publicity pictures I found while browsing around.  Just when I think I’ve seen them all, I find a new one – or in this case, two.  Click for a larger size, because they’re gorgeous:

Patrick Malahide Inspector Alleyn publicity photoPatrick Malahide Inspector Alleyn publicity photo2













I happened across these a while ago, so unfortunately I can’t remember exactly where online I originally found them.  However, they’re both by photographer John Green.  I’m not quite sure what episode they’re from either, but I think it might be “Death at the Bar“.  You can also just make out William Simons as Inspector Br’er Fox in the background of the first one.  In any case, Mr. Malahide looks wonderful in Alleyn’s homburg and pinstriped suits, with the black and white photography lending a film noir atmosphere.  He’s every inch the gentleman detective.  🙂

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