Something Neat XXXIX: The Reporter by Peter May Pt 2


Back in 2014, RFodchuk posted (link here) a Something Neat about Peter May‘s novel “The Reporter”, based on the television series “The Standard“.  “The Standard” has been a bit of fixation around here as it is a series we both truly want to see.  We were lucky enough to watch the first episode, recapped here, but lets just say we want more!

Well, I’ve finally managed to get more.  I was able to find “The Reporter” at a reasonable price.  It is usually prohibitively expensive, so I was delighted to find a very affordable copy.

I’ve just started reading it and am enjoying it very much.  I’ll do a full recap later.  I’ve already learned some interesting things about Colin Anderson’s background, but I have no idea if these were ever detailed in the series because BBC hasn’t put it on DVD.  Tsk, tsk!

A determined investigative reporter.

Anyway, here is a nice close up of the newspaper portion of the cover, so you can enjoy a good clear look at the dashing Colin looking all intense and investigative.

And just for a taste, here is a brief description of Colin from the unpleasant vantage point of Alex Forsyth, The Standard’s industrial correspondent, a character who is jealous of the confident Colin.

He was not particularly tall.  Perhaps five feet ten or eleven, a lean figure that embodied a strange sense of power.  His dark hair was cut short, thinning on top, blown by the wind.  Lips were a little too full, and his nose a little too pointed, blue eyes set a little too deep.  Forsyth thought him ugly and wondered what Janis saw in him.”

Jealousy is even uglier, Forsyth!  Janis is Janis Sinclair, a young research assistant who likes (more like fancies) Colin quite a bit.

As I mentioned before, I’ll do a full recap later after I’ve read it.  By the way, this will actually be the second Peter May book I’ve read.  I also read his novel “Coffin Road” which I enjoyed immensely.  I really recommend it.  It draws somewhat upon the real life tragedy of the Flannan Isles Lighthouse where three keepers vanished in 1900.  “The Reporter,” with its graphic description of the dangers of oil rigging in the North Sea reminded me once again of that horrific lighthouse tragedy.

But, I’ll close on a brighter note.  I also have a 1978 issue of the Radio Times featuring “The Standard” on its front cover.  It is a very cool cover, so enjoy!


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