Something Neat XXVIII: “Indian Summers” Publicity Stills

You find the most interesting things when you peruse the internet late at night!  Here are four new (to me) “Indian Summers” publicity and/or behind-the-scenes stills.  I suspect they’re actually behind-the-scenes shots because they don’t look as formally posed as most publicity stills do.

First, we have a couple of glimpses of the Viceroy in episode four, from an Estonian site.  It’s a slightly different angle on the gamebird plucking scene, in which we got a sense of Lord Willingdon’s fatherly/avuncular relationship with Ralph (Henry Lloyd-Hughes).  Note the huge cleaver off to one side (eeeuuuwww…) which I’m almost certain wasn’t visible in the scene as it was broadcast, as well as the poor, teeny-weeny plucked bird!  🙁  Also note the attendant holding Lord W’s coat at the ready.  No coathangers, wire or otherwise, for the Viceroy!

Patrick Malahide in "Indian Summers" Publicity Stills

And here’s everyone at dinner that evening.  Or not quite at dinner, since all the plates are spotlessly clean, although the food (including those teeny-weeny gamebirds) is ready and waiting.  I would’ve expected more silverware, though.  Naturally, Lord W. gets the best spot at the head of the table.

Patrick Malahide in "Indian Summers" Publicity Stills2
And from the DESIblitz site, we have a couple of shots of the Viceroy’s meeting with the Nawab of Jaffran (Silas Carson) in episode nine.  I wish they’d left this rather grand-looking procession in the episode; the entire entourage is arranged strictly by hierarchy, with the Nawab and Lord W. out in front, Viceregal bodyguard Captain Percy close behind, and a rather grim-looking undersecretary following the Viceregal attendants.  Not to be outdone, the Nawab’s stalwart Pekinese bearers, with the Pekes in formal wear for the occasion, bring up the rear.

Patrick Malahide in "Indian Summers" Publicity Stills3
And finally, we have a somewhat perplexed Lord W. wondering what to make of the (very tall) Nawab, perhaps just after the latter’s remark about what Ralph (and the rest of the British) should do “once [they] are all finished here”.  Or maybe it’s after Lord W. has been abandoned by Ralph and is just realizing he’ll have to do all the negotiating on his own.

Patrick Malahide in "Indian Summers" Publicity Stills4
Well, Lord W. did say the Nawab was “an entertaining fellow”.  😉  Perhaps he would’ve had a less stressful time if he’d called in Mrs. Viceroy to handle the negotiations.  Anyway, it was very interesting to see these scenes from a slightly different vantage point; hopefully more behind-the-scenes pictures (and perhaps videos?) will pop up for series 1 and 2.

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