Something Neat XXVII – Bearded Patrick Malahide

Patrick Malahide with Magnus beard. Source:

Patrick Malahide with Magnus beard.

In 1988, Patrick Malahide along with Stephen Dillane (Stannis Baratheon in Game of Thrones whose futile attempts at killing Balon Greyjoy via a stupid leech spell have proven thus far unsucessful) 😉 appeared in the now cult series The One Game.  It is really, really good.  And we’ve found some really neat pieces relating to this excellent series.

First, found by RFodchuk, is a photo of Patrick Malahide in his own grown Magnus beard (sans Magnus wig) looking like a very handsome, but slightly eccentric, university lecturer.  I’d never skip his class even if he waffled on about Tolkien for three hours straight.  😉

And it ties in beautifully with a Daily Express article that was posted on about Mr. Malahide discussing  The One Game, The Franchise Affair (another excellent series), Minder, and a drama penned by Mr. Malahide himself called Reasonable Force (which, of course, I’d like to see).

Patrick Malahide article 01

Patrick Malahide article 01 Source:

Patrick Malahide article 02

Patrick Malahide article 02 sick, not getting enough to eat, and knows he'll likely die in prison as a pauper. Pickwick is actually sympathetic (but who wouldn't be?? ;-)).

Hirsute precursor to Magnus.

I like this part: “It was the beard that got Patrick the role of Magnus.  The producer saw a picture of Malahide hirsute as he was as Jingle in The Pickwick Papers and knew he was perfect for the part of the mad genius.”

It gives me an excuse (as if any is needed) to repost the Jingle at the Fleet photo.

The bit about him not wanting to wear a hair-piece for Chisholm is pretty cool too, in light of the post below being about Cheerful Charlie’s visit to Hagrid’s wig shop. 😉


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