Something Neat XIX: What Does Balon Greyjoy Wear Under His Cloak?

At last, an answer to one of our most pressing questions:  what does Balon Greyjoy wear under his cloak? ;-)  I happened across this lovely picture of Balon’s costume on Pinterest recently.  Admin has already featured the full-length view, but this close-up shows a bit more detail.  Click for a larger size:

What the well-dressed Lord Reaper of Pyke is wearing.<br> Image source:  Balon Greyjoy's costume

What the well-dressed Lord Reaper of Pyke is wearing.
Image source:

Sans cloak, we can see lots of arming points at the shoulders, a feature of many types of medieval clothing used to join pieces together (in this case, to attach Balon’s sleeves and possibly his heavy, hooded cloak as well) or to attach sections of armour.  It also looks authentically heavily weathered and worn, so kudos to the costume designer on that.  The multitude of metal studs embedded in the fabric gives it the appearance of a type of gambeson, which could be worn as a protective garment by itself or serve as padding underneath metal armour,  either of which might come in handy for a pirate lord.  Very practical, although probably rather heavy, too.

All Balon needs is a sword at his side.  He doesn’t seem too fond of bright, flashy colours or patterns, though.  ;-)  He’d blend in nicely with the sea or the rocks of Pyke.

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