Something Neat XII: Balon Greyjoy is Stunning

This is a nice find, especially as Game of Thrones series 4 starts tonight on HBO. Will Balon make an appearance? If so, will I approve of said appearance, or will I weep in my Dornish red?  Somehow I think the weeping is more likely 😉

Best pic ever of Balon

Best pic ever of Balon

Found on the Telegraph.

13. Balon Greyjoy (Patrick Malahide)
Crimes: Treason, warmongering.
Most evil moment: Shows no interest in saving Theon’s life when his son’s severed penis is sent to him by Ramsay Snow.
Deeply proud and fierce leader of the Iron Islands who, in the past, had waged a rebellion against King Robert Baratheon. Hates the Stark family, and is cold and unfeeling to his estranged son Theon when he returns home.
Picture: Home Box Office Inc.


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