Random Malahide Picture 5

I found this gorgeous photo on A Clash of Cap’s Tumblr. Since they usually film Balon in near darkness (candles are for wimps), I decided to up the gamma and saw there is a lot of detail being hidden in the photo.

You can now see what is on Balon’s dinner table: A bowl of oysters, a rock, bread that looks as hard as the rock, candle wax, and what is either sawdust (from the bread?) or sand. Dang, Balon, you’re tough!

The best thing about gamma increased Balon Greyjoy photos is that you can clearly see his face. I think the real reason the Game of Thrones film makers made Pyke so dark was because they didn’t want us to see how good looking Balon is. 🙂

The first trailer for series 4 of Game of Thrones has launched. I’ve embedded it below the picture. No sign of Balon, but Yara and Theon (looking healthier than RFodchuk and I expected) make appearances. Series 4 starts April 7. Come on, spring!

I certainly hope Balon will appear. Game of Thrones is a rather tricky series in that you can’t always make assumptions as to what will or will not happen based on the books. Balon’s surprise appearance in Mhysa showed us that! 🙂

Source: Tumblr: a clash of caps

Source: Tumblr: a clash of caps


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