Random Malahide Picture 4

Here’s an interesting photo from the filming of 2012’s “Hunted“:

Patrick Malahide as Jack Turner in "Hunted" - shooting  picMr. Malahide looks intriguingly pensive as he’s surrounded by production crew.  Perhaps Jack Turner has swapped the ever-faithful Bingham for a gang of twenty-somethings to go after the Byzantium Spy Kids (credit to Admin for that nickname!  😀 ) and they’re plotting a bit of mayhem here.  Or… they’re just setting up a shot, but I like my explanation better.  The original photo is from HBO Asia’s site.

I really enjoy seeing behind-the-scenes pictures from “Hunted” because it’s about the only way to tell what colour Jack Turner’s clothes really were.  The actual series as broadcast was so overly filtered and murkily lit that at times it was very difficult to discern what was going on, let alone what characters were wearing.  But given Jack’s fondness for bright reds and purples, I think it would be very difficult to lose him in a crowd (even if you wanted to).

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