Random Malahide Picture 14: Inspector Alleyn

Here’s a rather nice picture I stumbled across on Amazon:  a publicity still from “A Man Lay Dead“, S01E01 of the “Inspector Alleyn Mysteries” (1993), in which Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn (Mr. Malahide) has just encountered the very first victim of the series:

"Hold still or I'll thump you a second time." Patrick Malahide as Inspector Alleyn in "A Man Lay Dead"

“Hold still or I’ll thump you a second time.”
(Image source: amazon.com)

It’s rather unusual in that we don’t usually have the victim just lying around on the floor in these pictures while Alleyn looks ravishing.  And he does look ravishing, if very, very serious, with a very intense gaze.  Perhaps he’s worried about ruining the crease in his trousers, or whether Troy (Belinda Lang) liked the birthday present he got her (you can find out all about it in my review here).  I also feel a bit sorry for the victim, who had to lie motionless under that blanket for a while.  Anyway, most of the publicity stills I’ve seen have been black and white ones distributed to PBS as part of their Masterpiece Theatre series, so it was a refreshing change to see one in full colour (I particularly like the rich blues of Alleyn’s lovely double-breasted suit), with the evocative lighting we’ve come to expect from the “Inspector Alleyn” series.

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