Patrick Malahide Talks About Balon Greyjoy (Updated)

May 3rd Update:  There is another fantastic Patrick Malahide interview on, again it has spoilers if you haven’t seen “Home” yet.  In this one he talks about some of the specifics of filming his scene with Pilou Asbæk.  RFodchuk and I are really loving these interviews.  They are so interesting and it is brilliant to see that Mr. Malahide has a really fine attitude and a great sense of humour. 🙂

Stop skimping on those candles.

Stop skimping on those candles.

IGN has a lovely interview with Patrick Malahide talking about Balon Greyjoy and last night’s memorable episode of Game of Thrones as well as working with  his co-stars Gemma Whelan and Pilou Asbæk.  Beware, IGN is dark (not really) and full of spoilers if you haven’t seen S06E02 “Home” yet!

This little snippet isn’t really related to Game of Thrones, but rather Indian Summers.

He looks a lot different when he's not in Pyke.

He looks a lot different when he’s not in Pyke.

I think you’ll see it maybe not yet, but I just finished the second series of a series called Indian Summers. It’s about the last years of the British empire in India, and I play the viceroy of India, which is really nice. A very sympathetic character, which is nice for a change. I usually play hard-nosed bastards, but this is a very warm, complex character. That first series went out in the States toward the end of last year, and I think it will go out probably the same time this year.

Hard-nosed bastards 😀 But, I agree:  The Viceroy is a very decent man who genuinely wants to do real good.   He adds a tremendous amount of warmth to every scene he is in.

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