More Patrick Malahide as Roald Dahl for BBC Radio 4

Lord W.: "Which one is your husband?" Sarah: "I expect he's dead... I mean, who? I mean, he's gone home." Okay, the last one is the real one. wink emoticon From the sidelines, a hangdog-looking Doug realizes his wife has just thrown him under the bus.

“Tell me about the time you captured the fatal green mamba.”

As mentioned earlier, Patrick Malahide will be playing Roald Dahl for BBC Radio 4.  The series continues Sunday, July 3 at 3pm with “Roald Dahl: Going Solo” pt 1.  Information here.  I’ll add more episodes/dates as I find them.  From the BBC Radio 4 page:

Beginning aboard the SS Mantola, Dahl sets sail for Africa at the tender age of 22. He experiences the remnants of colonial British life, filled with eccentric characters, and is thrown into a world as bizarre and surprising as any you will find in his fiction.

“Life is made up of a great number of small incidents and a small number of great ones.”

Stationed in Tanzania, Dahl is faced with the excitement of the wild; lions carrying off women in their mouths; fatal green mambas captured by snake men. But his savannah-sun-drenched life is interrupted when World War II erupts. Dahl is ordered to round up the German inhabitants of Dar es Salaam and experiences first-hand the horror of war.

Patrick Malahide provides the voice of Dahl in a colourful adaptation by Lucy Catherine.

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