Patrick Malahide in Educating Marmalade Part 2

I just noticed the other day that Patrick Malahide’s IMDB listing includes Educating Marmalade (S01E10) Marmalade at the Albert Hall.  I knew he had appeared as the  delightful Mr. McCrum “Head Screw” (a prison warden) in episode S01E08 A Short Sharp Shock (reviewed ably here), so I was intrigued.  Especially as A Short Sharp Shock doesn’t appear on Mr. Malahide’s IMDB.  Hmmm.

Anyway, it is more of the same madcap nonsense, only Mr. McCrum shows up at the very end which is kind of a pity because he’s really funny (and also quite gorgeous in his prison warden uniform).  Marmalade’s old prison buddy Bonzo Brown (that show was so weird) has escaped and he and Marmalade wrestle in a tag team match, as chums often do.  Mr. McCrum, evidently a rasslin’ fan, spots Bonzo at the very end and comic hijinx follow.  The gifs below pretty much sum the whole thing up.  I love his “sporrans and bagpipes” line.  It is so suitably Scottish.






“What do you mean Andrew Davies wrote  Educating Marmalade?”

It is such a strangely subversive show and very much a product of the 1980s.  It is kind of like Roald Dahl with a bit of The Carry On films added in.  I also find it kind of funny that it was written by Andrew Davies, the man who wrote the Middlemarch screenplay.  What would Casaubon think?

This wasn’t really a review, but I guess my review would be that Educating Marmalade is good silly fun and really cute, and I simply adore Mr. McCrum. He should have had his own show!  “Mr. McCrum’s Scottish Asylum for Very Naughty Children”.  Bring on the porridge! 😉


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