Patrick Malahide & Cirdan Sailing Trust & The One Game DVD News

Patrick Malahide with the Cirdan Trust Source: Cirdan Sailing Trust

Patrick Malahide at the Cirdan Trust Source: Cirdan Sailing Trust

Two exciting bits of news in this post.

Patrick Malahide is an Ambassador for an organization called the Cirdan Sailing Trust.  On April 2 2015, they posted this to their page

New Sails for Faramir

We had the pleasure of welcoming two special visitors aboard Faramir last Wednesday. Cirdan’s founder, the Rev. Canon Bill Broad donated a new mainsail and No2 jib and officially handed them over to Faramir’s skipper Ed Humphries and long term Cirdan volunteer, Ann Lee. Along with a few friends and supporters, Bill was accompanied by Cirdan Ambassador, actor Patrick Malahide – recently in Game of Thrones and Indian Summers.  After the sail hand over, Patrick and Bill went on to look around Cirdan’s other vessels still in winter refit, Duet in Bradwell and Queen Galadriel in dry dock in Maldon.

Here is more about them, again from their website,

The Cirdan Trust was founded in 1983 to serve young people in the south east of England and the Faramir Trust in 1991 to do the same for those of the north east.  In 2002, the two trusts were conjoined under the title The Cirdan Sailing Trust.

Today the Trust operates three boats, Duet, Faramir and Queen Galadriel to take mainly disadvantaged young people on sailing trips.

It is clear that sailing is extremely close to Mr. Malahide’s heart and he obviously believes in giving others a chance to experience it.

Magnus and friends approve.

Magnus and friends approve.

I notice they take their name and the names of their ships from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  You know who would totally approve of that naming convention?  Magnus, that’s who. 😉

And that brings me to the second neat find.  Network DVD will be releasing The One Game!!   It will be released June 29th.  This is great news because prior to now it has mainly been available on the very expen$ive $econdary market or on YouTube.    The cover art looks really cool.  You can read my little recap of The One Game here.

The One Game Source: Network DVD

The One Game Source: Network DVD

From Network DVD

One of the defining telefantasy series of 1980s television, The One Game is a prescient mix of first-person gaming, political chicanery and Arthurian myth, starring Stephen Dillane in a powerful early role and Patrick Malahide as the enigmatic, malevolent Magnus. Directed by Mike Vardy, written by John Brown and sporting a haunting theme tune from Chameleon, The One Game hits an unequivocally high watermark for British fantasy television.

Games tycoon Nicholas Thorne is drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse when his bank accounts are emptied and his company threatened with hostile takeover. Compelled to follow clue after clue and win game after game, he realises with a shock that the only person capable of perpetrating this attack on his life is his ex-partner, Magnus. But Magnus has been dead for years…

Defining telefantasy series. 🙂  I like that description.  And it is apt.  The One Game really is a brilliant series, and is hugely fun to watch.   I think this will be of extreme interest to modern day computer game players and also fans of The Game of Thrones series.

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