Patrick Malahide as Monty in “Into the Storm”

Being told he can have his buses. - Patrick Malahide as Major General Bernard Montgomery

Patrick Malahide as Monty

Patrick Malahide has a very brief part as Major-General Bernard Law Montgomery in HBO’s “Into the Storm” (2009), a movie about Winston Churchill’s career as the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister and Minister of Defence during World War II.  He’s only on screen for a couple of minutes but he does a great job with the role, imitating Monty’s speech patterns and pitching his voice higher to sound more like the man.  He also conveys Monty’s ramrod-straight military bearing and teetotaling ways.  I was disappointed we didn’t get to see more of him; I was hoping for some scenes of Monty at El Alamein.  We do get to see him face off against Churchill, pugnaciously and delightfully, as he makes his views about static gun placements known.

The majority of the movie concentrates on the relationship between Churchill (Brendan Gleeson) and Clementine (Janet McTeer), his wife, and how they weather the stresses on their marriage during the war.  It’s very good, reasonably factually accurate, and Gleeson does a great job as Churchill.

If you don’t want to watch the entire 98 minute movie, Malahide’s appearance starts at the 00:19 mark below, or scroll down for a gallery.

UPDATE (Sept. 20, 2014):  Youtube has removed the video since this article was posted, so you’ll have to go to and order your own copy on DVD to see Mr. Malahide as Monty.


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