Patrick Malahide as Magnus in the One Game: Monday

And here is part 4 of The One Game, Monday. Click here for part 3, here for part 2, and here for part 1.

Back at Castle Perilous

Stannis is dreaming of Magnus (of course) while he's in the oubliette at Castle Anthrax.

Nick dreaming  Magnus.

Admin: After a brief Halloween respite (though Magnus is pretty Halloween-ish), we return to The One Game.

Admin: Monday opens with another dream sequence. Nick has the most unsettled sleeping habits. He dreams he opens his cell and procures a random castle axe which he uses to behead a suit of armor. There is a blinding light revealing Fay, Magnus’ various helpful nutters, and Jenny. Finally, Magnus himself in a chainmail coif. Dashing! Stupid Nick ends the dream (I was enjoying that) by swinging his axe…..and then waking up. Awake, he tries the cell door but it is properly locked.

Is Jenny in the gang?

RF:  We know it’s a dream because Nick looks less dishevelled for once.  😉  Also, Jenny’s inclusion with the rest of Magnus’ gang tends to suggest Nick thinks she’s in on it, which is interesting.  But would he really kill Magnus if he had the chance?  If Nick had learned some lock-picking skills from his old business partner, he might not have had to stay cooped up in an oubliette overnight.

Admin: Magnus is sitting on a throne looking somewhat melancholic. Fay comes up to him and scritches his beard (lucky Fay). “Last day,” she says, “it’s almost over.” I like his briefly surprised look as she grabs his chin, but the effect  seems to soothe him as he nods in agreement.

Hands up, everyone who'd like to be scritching his beard...

Fay scritching his beard…

RF:  They exchanged an embrace in the previous episode, but Fay scritching Magnus’ beard (agreed, lucky Fay!) does suggest a very personal relationship, much more so than we might’ve suspected earlier.  Are they related?  Lovers?  We don’t know yet.  It’s also interesting that Magnus looks so melancholy; you’d think he’d be pleased that he’s got Nick right where he wants him, but he seems preoccupied with something instead.

Admin: Then the door bursts open and Tom Dark charges in demanding to talk with Magnus. I like Tom Dark. He looks nerdy, but he is stompy and loud which amuses me. Magnus, feeling more chirpy, zips off promising to talk to him later. Tom is worried about Lord Maine who moves fast when it comes to takeovers. Magnus doesn’t care. With a flourish of his hand he says, “Don’t worry, all taken care of.” He turns around to give a reassuring “trust me,” before running up the stairs.

Magnus [smug smile]: "Later, I'm afraid." He also tells Tom not to worry about Maine taking over Sorceror: "All taken care of. Trust me."

Magnus to Tom: “Later, I’m afraid.”

RF:  I like how Magnus quickly shifts moods from contemplative and moody to overly cheerful and confident as he deals with Tom Darke.  Of course, Tom should realize that “all taken care of” means “all taken care of for Magnus“.  😉  I also like Fay’s cat-who-got-the-cream smirk in reply to Tom’s puzzlement; she seems trust implicitly in Magnus’ ability to pull off everything he intends to do.  He certainly bounds up those stairs with a lot of energy!

Don’t Trust Morning People

He goes to visit Jenny in her cell... er, room: "You're an early riser. Like me."

He goes to visit Jenny in her cell… er, room: “You’re an early riser. Like me.”

Admin: Ahhh. No wonder Magnus is in a hurry. He is visiting Jenny in her new guest room. She is awake and looking out of the window. He notices that Jenny, like he, is an early riser. Jenny tells Magnus that her father always said not to trust early risers since they like to have the world to themselves. Magnus agrees that is very wise.

RF:  Now, why would you not trust early risers just because they like to “have the world to themselves”?  Although that does appear to be true in Magnus’ case.  He’s also learned, at some cost, not to share his world with entrepreneurial types who’ll whisk his company out from under him.  I also noticed that Jenny, clad all in white and gazing out her window, is the perfect image of a captive princess, while Magnus, in his long, black frock coat, looks a lot like an evil sorcerer (pun intended).  😉

Admin: He still wants her co-operation; hoping guilt will make her come around. He says she was “not such an innocent bystander” on the day Nick coined “Black Friday.” That was the day they pushed Magnus out of the partnership. Magnus says there is a difference between revenge and retribution. Jenny prefers revenge since it is human. Magnus leaves, still suave and cool, asking if she believes Nick is beyond redemption.

"Are you saying he's beyond redemption?"

“Are you saying he’s beyond redemption?”

RF:  Magnus has a point; Jenny could’ve warned him what was coming – if she could find him, that is.  Personally, I think he wants both revenge and retribution, or he wouldn’t have taken the £2.1M to start the whole game in the first place.  It’s also interesting to note that Jenny never answers Magnus’ question about whether Nick is beyond redemption.   And he leaves her door wide open, which suggests he’s not worried about her trying to go anywhere.


No One Expects the Birmingham Inquisition

Admin: Nick is finally released from his cell. He sees Fay on the stairwell and asks what Magnus did to turn her against him. Fay says that Magnus just sent her to find Nick. Hmmmmm.

RF:  And Nick reacts by lunging violently at Fay!  Hmm, indeed!  Given the beard-scritching, we can guess that Nick is up against a far more formidable, long-standing relationship than Fay merely defecting to the other side.

..and giving Dark a not-so-subtle hint that Stannis is listening in from behind a two-way mirror.

Gives Dark a not-so-subtle hint that Nick is listening in from behind a two-way mirror.

Admin: Back to Magnus, he and Tom Dark are seated at a desk. Magnus is conducting an inquiry. He wants to know Tom’s thoughts of Nick as a business man and entrepreneur. Oh, that’s easy, he’s somewhere between Arthur Daley and Steve Jobs.  Dark says Nick’s “pretty good.” Well that’s a sparkling affirmation of his business acumen. He goes a bit further saying Nick’s competitive, a good improviser and “lucky” because he “gets away with things.” But then adds “on the surface, anyway.” Magnus, of course, wants to know what is below the surface. Tom gets annoyed, but his complaints are silenced when Magnus motions to the mirror behind them. Nick is behind that mirror, listening on.

RF:  I like the idea of Nick being somewhere between Arthur Daley and Steve Jobs.  😀  Mind you, I don’t think either of them would go haring off on some bizarre game; Arthur would get Terry to do it for him, so Terry could complain vociferously about being shot at, and Steve Jobs would offer Magnus a new computer, so Magnus would spend the next six months figuring it out.  And Magnus has created a whole new form of torment for Nick in being forced to listen to what other people really think about him when he isn’t around.

Tom Dark suggests Magnus "ask a psychiatrist" what Stannis' problem is. Magnus [bigger smirk]: "Good idea!"

Tom Dark suggests Magnus “ask a psychiatrist” about Nick

Admin: Tom, a clever fellow, gets Magnus’ drift. He says Nick is not as on top of things as he makes himself out to be, and there are details he can’t be bothered with.   Tom mentions “attitude.” Magnus is intrigued by that. “The attitude to what,” he asks. Tom says that Nick actually despises the business. It is just a game to him. If he can’t outsmart someone, it isn’t worth it. Tom can’t give any more information since he doesn’t understand Nick himself. He suggests Magnus ask a psychiatrist. A delighted Magnus, who is enjoying himself immensely, says he will. What’s betting the psychiatrist will be Fay?

RF:  Based on what we’ve seen, Tom’s assessment is actually pretty accurate.  Nick is totally bored by details (hence needing Fay to help him with all the puzzles) and is mostly interested in the business as a money generator.  He’s also become increasingly frustrated at his inability to outsmart Magnus at the game.  Magnus seems quite delighted that Tom’s answers have led exactly where he wanted them to go: an in-depth psychoanalysis of Nick from someone who’s spent a lot of time with him lately.

He taunts Stannis a little... or he could just be admiring how incredibly *hot* he is

He taunts Stannis a little… or he could just be admiring how incredibly *hot* he is

Admin: Magnus dismisses Tom who asks about the other matter. “Oh, don’t worry. We’ll deal with Lord Maine. He’s not going to get a hold of Sorcerer, I can promise you that.” Ha-ha! Magnus, feeling very playful, said that loudly and entirely for Nick’s ears. Nick was squirming behind the mirror just a few seconds ago; he is freaking out now!

RF:  Interesting that none of the other stuff bothered Nick all that much, but he loses it when Magnus mentions Sorcerer and Lord Maine.  Of course, this is Nick’s first hint that Tom has betrayed him – stealing the company out from under him just as Nick did to Magnus.  Oops!

Who’s the fairest of them all?

Admin: Magnus adds to Nick’s discomfort by walking right up to the mirror, admiring himself (as well he should) and calling the next witness. Magnus is winning all the points! The points continue as the next witness is indeed Fay, research psychologist.

RF:  Magnus is doing the equivalent of poking an animal through the bars of its cage.  It would be really mean, but Nick kind of deserves it, especially after scoffing at Fay, saying her job is an “older profession than that!”  So Nick, you have to resort to calling her a slut?  How very rude!  Also, note that Fay and Magnus are wearing matching outfits.  😉

Admin: Magnus asks her thoughts of the “prisoner.” Fay says he’s a prisoner of his self image. She says that when Nick makes a decision, he doesn’t do what is best, he does what the person he *wants* to be would do. He wants to be the winner all the time, so there was no chance that he would refuse Magnus’ games.

RF: …Which is also what Tom Darke said: that Nick was so competitive he always wanted to win.  Nick makes lots of scoffing faces, but no one’s around behind the mirror to appreciate them.

Admin: Magnus, who is standing by the mirror and therefore intensifying Nick’s agony, blithely asks if Fay is attracted to Nick. “Clinically,” she replies.   Magnus plunges the dagger into Nick further by thanking Fay “for ALL you have done for us.”

Fay: "Ask him."

Fay: “Ask him.”

RF:  Magnus asks Fay about whether she’s attracted to Nick in a deliberately diffident tone but with a reluctant expression, as if he’s not quite sure he really wants to hear the answer.  Could it be a wee bit of jealousy rearing its head?  “Clinically” implies that Fay’s dating Nick was a bit of a scientific experiment.  But did she ever find out if he was dumber than a hamster?  😉  And Magnus makes a point of thanking her; that “ALL” implies Fay did a lot more than we know.  If Magnus was in the asylum for nine years and Fay has been dating Nick for seven months, this has been a long con indeed!

Then Jenny Ruins It

Jenny the hamster is brought in. Note how she's wearing light colours to contrast with Fay (and Magnus) wearing black.

Jenny’s testimony next.

Admin: The final witness is Jenny. The atmosphere is very different as she enters the room. She and Magnus seem both hesitant and challenging. Magnus says they are grateful for her appearing “voluntarily, I might add.” Magnus asks her why she divorced Nick. There is a note of pain in his voice. She said the relationship was over. Magnus is very intense now. “Were you *really* in love with him?”   Magnus seems almost disgusted as he hits the word “really.”

RF:  Nick looks rather pouty as Jenny is brought out.  All in off-white (with massive Eighties shoulder pads) with immaculately coiffed blonde hair (not looking at all like she just spent the night in a medieval tourist trap), she’s a complete contrast to Fay’s darkness.  She’s also determined not to be cooperative, so you’re right about the change in atmosphere – even if Magnus does fudge it by saying she’s there “voluntarily”.  In contrast to his warmer tone with Fay, he frowns at Jenny even as she sits down.  And as with his earlier question to Fay about her love for Nick, he seems almost reluctant to hear Jenny’s answer – which is “Of course I did, or I wouldn’t have married him.”  Probably not what he wanted to hear.

Magnus: "Was he really in love with you? Did you suspect... that he married you in order to secure his control of Sorceror?"

Magnus: “Was he really in love with you? Did you suspect… that he married you in order to secure his control of Sorceror?”

Admin: Magnus asks if Nick ever loved her. He wonders if Nick was just trying to secure Sorcerer for himself. Jenny bluntly says that was just Magnus’ suspicion.  Magnus, with faux innocence, asks what went wrong.  Jenny completely turns the tables on Magnus, saying that these questions only matter to his vanity. She says Magnus is acting like a rejected lover, dragging up the past, and picking at old wounds. She even says that she still actually likes Nick, but thinks Magnus has turned into some kind of a freak. “All I feel for you is pity.” Magnus motions to the henchmen to get rid of her. His discomfort and internal anguish are palpable. “You think you’re God. You’re a freak,” she screams as she is dragged away.

RF:  Well, I suspect Jenny’s actually right that Nick didn’t marry her just so he could get control of Sorcerer (although it might not be entirely beyond him).  I’d also say there’s a lot more behind the game than Magnus merely being jealous, but I also have the benefit of knowing how this ends.  😉  As for Magnus being a freak, wasn’t it Jenny who found his game theory perfectly fascinating at one point in time?  Magnus’ anger visibly rises as Jenny tells him he’s “dragging up the past” and “picking at old wounds”.  Nor does he like being called a “freak”; that gets an angry jaw clench.  However, Jenny’s defiance quickly changes to fear as Magnus has his henchmen haul her outside.

Magnus: "I lied. I do that quite a lot."

Magnus: “I lied. I do that quite a lot.”

Admin: Tom, who is outside, sees her being shoved into the auto. He demands to know what is going and what they are going to do about Lord Maine. Magnus, basically ignoring Tom, says that Maine is welcome to Sorcerer. Tom says they had a deal. “I lied. I do that quite a lot,” responds Magnus. I love that bit. 🙂

RF:  Well, Magnus never actually agreed to any deal, Tom just thought he did.  😉  And now that he’s got his £2.1M and Nick’s undivided attention, of course he doesn’t care if Maine gets Sorcerer or not.  His “I lied.  I do that quite a lot,” is a great line, said with a certain amount of world weariness, as if he can’t believe Tom fell for it.  But when Magnus returns to the castle, he tells Fay, “The game continues!” with all of his old enthusiasm.  Then he wraps an affectionate arm around Fay while Nick seethes and does some more pouting behind the mirror (he’s a champion pouter!).

Windbreaker Breakout

Admin: Magnus and Fay leave Nick all alone. Nick pulls his windbreaker over his head and leaps through the glass, falling over on the other side. It looks kind of funny, actually. 🙂

Windbreakers: Both fashionable and functional.

RF:  The windbreaker escape is pretty funny.  😀  No doubt somewhat dangerous with all those shards of glass (which Mr. Dillane or his stunt double appears to slip on), but Nick looks like he’s getting ready to have a pretend bullfight.  😉

Admin: So, Nick is free (and hopefully no one got hurt during filming) and looks about the castle, finding Game No. 6. The answer is the number III, which Nick connects to the number 111 that was part of the old Wizard shop sign. But, no sooner is he on the road than he has another mini adventure with Magnus’ magician/butler guy. That ends in a fight with the magician/butler falling down a hole. But does he die?

Is this the end of the magician/butler?

RF:  I really like how Magnus leaves the clue for Game No. 6 with a *hyoooge* blue arrow pointing to it, so even Nick can’t possibly miss it.  😀  We also see that he’s left behind a handy-dandy flowchart (in his usual impeccable calligraphy; no spreadsheets for him!) charting Nick’s progress through all the previous games.  Maybe now Nick feels a bit like a hamster?  😉  They were also nice enough to leave behind a classic station wagon for his use.

The End of Sorcerer

Admin: Meanwhile, back at Sorcerer, Tom Dark gets a phone call that sounds very much like some sort of emergency shareholders meeting. As the businessmen arrive outside, Magnus is perched from his special balcony viewing area checking them out.

Meanwhile, Magnus has had time to get back to London, change clothes, and hang out on the rooftop across from Sorceror to watch the bigwigs arrive for the takeover meeting.

Meanwhile, Magnus has had time to get back to London, change clothes, and hang out on the rooftop across from Sorceror to watch the bigwigs arrive for the takeover meeting.

RF:  Magnus must travel by Star Trek transporter or at least drive like Jack Turner – because how else could he (1) stop to change clothes and (2) get to his balcony perch so quickly otherwise?  Tom looks a lot more comfortable at the business meeting than he did in Magnus’ medieval playhouse, though.

Admin: At the shareholders’ meeting Lord Maine mounts his takeover campaign. Nick arrives, now knowing how Magnus felt on Black Friday. How d’ya like them apples, Nick?

RF:  That’s true, Nick is now in exactly the position Magnus was in, with everyone ranged against him (and thinking he’s a wee bit nuts).  His last act as CEO is to fire Tom Darke, who has completely failed in his attempt to play both ends against the middle.  Tsk tsk!  He should’ve watched “The Apprentice” more.  😉

She has to be unconscious before she'd allow this. *She's* the crazy one.

She has to be unconscious before she’d allow this.
*She’s* the crazy one.

Admin: At Magnus’ mansion, Jenny is fast asleep. Magnus gazes at her. Fay is also there and calls Magnus a “sentimentalist.” That is putting it mildly.  He gives Fay a bit of a look as she leaves. Then he focuses on Jenny again: “Forgive me. Well, understanding will do. But then I always did want the impossible, didn’t I…Guinevere?” Then he leans in and kisses her. Poor Magnus. He just wants his Guinevere.

RF:  This is a rather lovely, emotional little scene and Mr. Malahide plays it extremely well.  It’s just too bad Jenny is too unconscious to appreciate it.  Fay’s right, Magnus is a sentimentalist at heart; the entire game is one last chance for Nick to prove something to him.  And of all the people he thought might understand his motives, I think he was expecting, or hoping, for a lot more from Jenny.  Magnus has evidently been carrying a torch for her for years and still is (he still sees her as his “Queen”), but he knows the only way she’d tolerate a kiss from him is if she’s not awake for it, in a sort of fairy princess “enchanted sleep” way.  Sad and rather poignant.  For all of his charm and connections, I think Magnus is actually rather lonely.

Gives Nick the clue as to Jenny's whereabouts.

Gives Nick the clue as to Jenny’s whereabouts.

Admin: Nick finds the End Game clue. It is a heavily edited video of his television appearance. Magnus appears at the end. “It’s almost over, my boy. I expect you are wondering where Jenny is.” The video cuts to a shot of his mansion. “One last thing: 7×3. Work that out.”

RF:  Magnus leaves the End Game video in Nick’s floor safe, which says that either Magnus kept a set of keys, or is a very talented safecracker.  I’m voting for the latter.    I also like that he’s so done with the clues by now that he simply cuts to the chase and shows Nick a shot of his mansion.  Apparently he doesn’t want any chance of Nick going astray.  😉

And at Arkham Asylum

Nick and Jenny visit the asylum, where Magnus' doctor tells them that he did nothing but roll dice for a year.

Nick and Jenny visit the asylum, where Magnus’ doctor tells them that he did nothing but roll dice for a year.

Admin: Nick finally rescues Jenny. They decide to pay the mental institution Magnus was placed in a visit. They meet Doctor Vogler. Vogler refers to Magnus as her “friend” rather than her patient. She plays video tapes of his early sessions where he would sit all day rolling dice. He got a lot of sixes. He did that for a whole year without speaking a word. Then finally one day he put down the dice and asked for her name.

RF:  I noticed that Gavin’s dead body and the dead dogs were nowhere in evidence, so someone must have cleaned up Magnus’ house.   Dr. Vogler does seem to have been taken by his charm, though.  It’s also from Dr. Vogler that we learn Magnus faked his own death by drowning nine months ago – which makes me wonder, did they find a body?  If so, whose was it?  Or did he simply “disappear” and they just presumed he was dead and quit looking?  However, it might answer why he was soaking wet on his first appearance in episode 1:  he swam the entire way.  😉

Admin: Magnus and Vogler discussed the concepts of mental illness, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. He proposed playing a game where he would exhibit different symptoms and she’d guess the mental illness. She refused, but he played anyway.

RF:  Interesting that Magnus has the capacity to turn even confinement in an asylum into a game.  Also interesting that Dr. Vogler is one of the few people who misses him upon his “death”.  She seems to have admired his mind.  “He was mad, wasn’t he?” asks Jenny, perhaps expressing a moment of doubt in what she and Nick have thought all along.  “In layman’s terms,” replies Dr. Vogler, which… kind of makes me shake my head as a psychiatrist’s answer, but whatever.

 Even in black and white, we suddenly get a glimpse of those startling eyes. They're still discussing games.

Even in black and white, we suddenly get a glimpse of those startling eyes. They’re still discussing games.

Admin: One day stood out in particular. Magnus said Vogler didn’t like games. She asked him why he likes them so much. “Rules, moves, conflict, winning, losing, life.”   Games mean a lot to him. She asked if he was playing a game now.   “You can’t play a game on your own. You need someone to play with,” he replied ruefully.   Magnus is like a disappointed child there.  “And if they don’t want to play,” Vogler asks. “Oh, they always want to play, secretly. I’ll prove it to you!” Magnus spoke that last line rather mischievously. But he says he can’t prove it here. “I can’t work here. I’m in danger. I just become ordinary.” She asks him what he is now. He starts to break down, “I’m a magician.” Magnus now looks very close to tears, so Dr. Vogler, obviously caring for his dignity, ends the recording.

Aaaaaaaannnnnnd the doctor stops tape *just* as it begins to get *really* interesting.

Aaaaaaaannnnnnd the doctor stops tape *just* as it begins to get *really* interesting.

RF:  Mr. Malahide gives Magnus some very interesting body language in the second video.  His posture is drawn in, suggesting insecurity or fear, almost as if he’s cringing and afraid to move off his chair.  His hands are limp and passive in his lap.  His hair is combed back and his shirt is done up to the top button, giving him an air of almost unnatural neatness.  He’s very unlike the Magnus we’ve come to know; this man is all repression and suppression.  He starts to sound more like his “real” self once he begins to talk about games, but he doesn’t make eye contact with the doctor until he says “I’ll prove it to you,” when he really comes to life.  Maybe his faked suicide was that “proof”.  His emphasis on “rules” also gives us some insight into the game he’s been forcing Nick to play.  Magnus wants Nick to prove something, but there are “rules” to be followed for how Nick does it.

RF:  Also significant to note that the greatest danger, for Magnus is “becom[ing] ordinary”.  That and his inability to work are what shake him the most.  Then when he tearfully declares, “I’m a magician,” he’s reclaiming his identity and what’s left of the old Magnus inside.  Yet a magician’s entire job is the creation of illusion.  Is that what Magnus has done with his life?  It’s a very powerful scene to watch, and Mr. Malahide plays it extremely well.  When he became distraught, I felt so badly for Magnus I was glad Dr. Vogler ended the video when she did!

Alas, he's too late!

Alas, he’s too late!

Admin: Dr. Vogler is not aware that Magnus escaped. She believes he committed suicide by drowning.   The drowning line affects Nick greatly as he remembers far more clearly what happened that day in the lake. He and the mystery blonde woman, Megan, were in a rowboat. Nick wanted her to stand, but she was clearly nervous. She fell into the water while he stood helpless. Magnus, by the shore, leapt into the water and carried Megan out while Nick just dragged the boat back.

RF:  And now we have an explanation for the recurring Arthurian imagery of the woman’s hand emerging from the lake.  It belonged to Megan, to whom Magnus was evidently deeply attached, if not married, with more than a coincidental resemblance to Jenny.  And Nick still feels deeply guilty about how she died.  You could even say Magnus didn’t fake his own death by drowning coincidentally; he might have been symbolically tying it to Megan’s.

The Final Clue

Admin: Nick and Jenny go back to Nick’s place. They are getting on rather well. She seems over Gavin at least. 😉 In the bathroom Nick notices a stray black towel. Underneath it is a key with a fob baring the number 7. It is the final clue.

RF:  Yeah, Nick offers to scrub Jenny’s back in the bath, so evidently he never heard of a decent period of mourning.  Classy!   However, it does show that Magnus knew (or anticipated) that they’d go back to Nick’s place.

Magnus at the pool.

Magnus at the pool.

Admin: It leads Nick to the indoor pools where Fay would go. On the diving board, bound in ropes and with a weighted dive belt stands Fay. Magnus is below and he nods to her. She drops willingly into the water and goes under. Nick cries that Magnus is mad. It all connects back to Megan. Nick yells that he there was nothing he could do to save her. But, this time Nick dives into the water and rescues Fay. Though, in his mind he is saving Megan (who is fighting him by the way).

RF:  That’s right, Magnus has gone to some lengths to recreate the circumstances of Megan’s drowning.  I wondered just how long Fay was left standing at the top of that diving platform, waiting for Nick to show up.  But it does show how far she’s willing to go, and how much she’ll risk, for Magnus.  Magnus and Fay are both very calm as they look at each other, seeming to have an almost telepathic connection.  When Nick yells at Magnus that he’s mad, Magnus just silently looks at the water, almost expectantly.  He makes no move whatsoever to save Fay himself, nor to say anything that might influence Nick’s actions.  However, his look becomes subtly more intense when Nick protests that “there was nothing [he] could do,” as if Magnus might be wondering if he’s gambled and lost.  Then when Nick finally jumps in to save Fay, he’s redeeming himself – by finally saving Megan, even if only in spirit.  (Side note:  He also somehow manages to remove Fay’s bindings and belt while they’re underwater, but we won’t ask how.  😉 )  Magnus’ only visible sign of relief is a brief, indrawn breath.

Nick sees Megan in Fay.

Admin: Magnus lifts Fay from the water. “Thank you Nicholas, no man likes to lose his daughter.” Nick is very surprised to learn that Fay is Magnus’ daughter. “It was necessary to put myself finally in your hands, for you to redeem your great debt.” He turns to leave, but then says “You have done it. Goodbye, Nicholas,” and walks away with Fay.

RF:  And now we finally understand the nature of Magnus and Fay’s relationship!  No wonder she was willing to risk so much for his sake.  And no wonder she was one of the few permitted to scritch his beard.  😉  This might also explain why Magnus would disappear from Sorcerer for weeks or months at a time, if Megan was Fay’s mother (which we don’t know for sure, but it seems likely given Fay’s age) and he was raising her by himself.  As Magnus turns to leave, he turns back briefly – and Nick catches a glimpse of Megan, instead of Fay, in his arms.  It might be a vision of a might-have-been, or it might be evoking Magnus just after Megan’s death, since he appears to have tears in his eyes.  He also appears quite moved (although controlling it) when he tells Nick he’s “done it”.  Perhaps he wasn’t expecting Nick to succeed.

The End?

The three henchmen watch Nickand Jenny walking by the lake. To be continued?

The three henchmen watch Nickand Jenny walking by the lake. To be continued?

Admin: Later, Nick explains it all to Jenny. Many years ago, Magnus introduced Nick to his childhood friend Megan. Nick and Megan went out in the boat when she fell. Nick panicked and wasn’t able to help her. Neither he nor Magnus ever mentioned it again, but it was always there.

RF:  That’s quite a large thing to never mention again, especially if Magnus had an infant daughter!  It also makes his rage at being cut out of Sorcerer, and his feelings of betrayal at Nick and Jenny’s marriage, somewhat easier to understand.

Admin: Nick and Jenny decide to start again. I presume that means starting up a new company and rekindling their relationship. They walk off, but hiding in the trees keeping an eye on them are Magnus’ henchmen, including the one who fell down the hole; I’m glad he didn’t die. 🙂 The end! (?)

RF:  Yeah, Jenny appears to have forgotten all about ol’ Whassisname… Gavin who?  Then we get a nice, open-ended “Prisoner” type ending with the three henchmen.  It’s just too bad the two dogs weren’t there as well.  😉  As you say, if the henchmen are keeping an eye on Nick… so is Magnus truly done with him?  I wouldn’t have minded seeing a sequel.  😉

Turns out Fay is a research psychologist! Could be handy that her dad's a bit of a nutter. Magnus asks her opinion of the "prisoner", and she says it's "an apt word for him."

Master of Retribution.

Admin: So it was all about atonement? Magnus wanted Nick to experience the rejection he experienced. He also wanted Nick to “go back” and do the right thing regarding Megan. And, I guess, he wanted to prove his weird game worked. He achieved all three! Well played, Magnus.

RF:  That’s right, Magnus essentially made a big, real-life game out of Nick’s suffering, atonement, and ultimate redemption.  He must have been planning all of this during his asylum stay, then got Fay to help him with the details and act as bait for Nick.  The latter part is a wee bit creepy (okay, a lot creepy), but very effective.  He forced Nick to admit what he’d done and… make it up to Magnus the only way he possibly could.  A life for a life, I guess.


Admin: This is such an excellent series. Mr. Malahide makes Magnus so much more than just revenge fueled mad man. I especially enjoyed his performance during the “inquiry.” His chirpy delight suddenly becomes disappointment and eventually when Jenny speaks. But, he soon bounces back. And the scene where he accepts that he can’t have his “Guinevere” is very touching. Oh, Jenny. He might be mad as a box of frogs, but Magnus is still an incredibly attractive wizard.

Magnus [innocently]: "Then what went wrong?" Jenny: "Does it matter now? Except in your vanity?"

“Oh, yeah….the money.  I spent it on castles and henchmen.  Sorry about that.”

RF: This was a wonderful series for Mr. Malahide.  I completely agree, it was more than just about Magnus’ revenge – but his revenge was delightfully over-the-top in every way.  Magnus was actually in control the entire time, save for the very last scene when Fay willingly jumped into the pool.  I don’t think even Dr. Vogler thought he was truly “mad”, although he was obviously suffering.  The scene where he explained his theories about games – and indirectly, his dependence on rules and “having someone to play with” – gave us a window into how vulnerable he actually was, with Mr. Malahide portraying that vulnerability masterfully.  We also saw a little of Magnus’ softer side when he asked for Jenny’s “understanding”, but knew it wouldn’t be forthcoming.  He was willing to put everything on the line, including his own daughter, to prove a point and force Nick’s hand, one way or the other – even if it meant he might lose Fay.  But I’ll certainly agree that Jenny’s taste in men was questionable.  Was she really going to be happy with Nick?  Or would she always think of what she might be missing with Magnus?  For that matter, he never mentioned giving back the £2.1M, either.  😉

Gallery, Courtesy of RFodchuk


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