Patrick Malahide as Lord Glendenning: The Paradise S01E08

The final episode of The Paradise was exceptionally satisfying.  Lord Glendenning finally showed his hand and proved just how intimidating he can be.  Watching Lord G’s character develop, along with the rest of the cast, has been thoroughly enjoyable.

A Romantic Banker?    

Patrick Malahide: Lord Glendenning, The Paradise S01E08

“Oh dear. A kiss from you, my darling…”

Things start out fine for Katherine and her Papa.  While he is enjoying a brandy, she kisses him on the head.  He knows that usually means she wants something from him but not this time.  Katherine is just pleased that everything is going so smoothly (ooops – she just jinxed it).  He comments that money and a title help.  She teases him, saying that he just acts cynical to hide the fact he is a romantic. “I’m a banker!” “A romantic banker,” she responds.  “An impossibility!”

I liked how he was enjoying his brandy.  Lord Glendenning makes vice looks so cool.  Poor Katherine, though, everyone knows that things are not going smoothly.  Not while Denise is around.

Wedding Breakfasts!

Patrick Malahide: Lord Glendenning, The Paradise S01E08

Just *look* at that restrained glee!

Moray, who now knows he truly loves Denise, musters up the courage to tell Katherine that they cannot go ahead with the wedding.  He goes to the estate to find her, but Lord Glendenning informs him that he just missed her.  What follows is a totally brilliant scene.

“My daughter tries to convince me that I’m a romantic.  But I can prove that I’m not.  You see, for me, the best part of any nuptial ceremony is the wedding breakfast.”  Moray looks distracted and nervous as he tries to figure out where Katherine is (she’s gone to The Paradise); it is really funny.  Glendenning just continues, going on about how tedious, over-emotional and tense the service usually is.  “I mean, I love God, but hymns…they make me tense!  Do they make you tense?”  Moray, now thoroughly baffled, says they do not.  (I bet Lord Glendenning makes him tense.)

Lord G. ponders that it might be the vows that do it to him. “All those promises: For richer, for poorer, honor and obey, and until death us do part. The make it sound like the Sword of Damocles!”  Then, with a hearty slap on Moray’s shoulder, he adds, “By the way, I bought the Fee Simple for Tollgate Street.” That was so off-hand the way he said that, ha-ha  🙂

Poor Moray nearly explodes, asking what good is Tollgate Street to him, before quickly humbling himself to Glendenning.  He asks what will happen when he wishes to expand. Glendenning takes on a conciliatory tone, reminding Moray that he will soon be family.  “Under the circumstances, what does it matter if it’s my name on the document or yours?”  He takes such a patronizing tone saying that; it is as though he is talking to a child.

Then he grasps Moray, who now looks like a sick fish, by the shoulder and gives him a hearty squeeze.  “Yes.  The wedding breakfast is where everyone relaxes.  The deed is done and all that is left is to celebrate.”

That was so awesome.  Lord Glendenning *finally* turned up the intimidation factor and went over all Godfather on us.  The look on Moray’s face was priceless.   Lord G. went from sweet, old pussycat to a big, bad wolf in one heck of a super scene.

I love the way he messed with Moray throughout all of it.  First he freaked him out with all the comical talk about wedding breakfasts while being sure to simultaneously stress the importance of the vows.  Then he just tacked on the little tidbit about buying the fee simple.  It was practically gangster of him.  In fact, the shoulder hug looked very gangster!

Shop Girl in Veil

Finally, Moray does confess his true feelings to Katherine, insisting that they cannot go through with the marriage.  Katherine has none of it and warns him that he belongs to her.  Moray sticks to his guns but it doesn’t make one iota of difference with the determined (and probably mentally ill) Katherine.

Lord Glendenning, wearing a really nice set of sleeve garters, enters the room and comments on her black look.  She tells him about Denise and how she caught her wearing the wedding veil, “as if to mock me.” Lord G. tells her that if she truly believed Moray loved her then none of this should bother her.  Katherine states that if there is any part of Denise in his heart she will “dig it out.”

No Bride Ever Looked More Radiant

When the big day does arrive, we see Katherine and Lord Glendenning dressed and ready to go down the aisle.  But, Moray, who is with Dudley, runs off (unseen by the Glendennings) and finds Denise.  They embrace and kiss as the episode ends.

The Other Happenings

Katherine gets a great scene with Denise where she reveals how her family now owns Tollgate Street.  She is completely blind to the obvious, vowing that since she made Moray love her once, she can do it again.   Denise refers to him as John.  Katherine notices that and also refers to him as John, but only after referring to him as Moray.   Elaine Cassidy is brilliant as Katherine, actually.  She can be sweet, cruel, or even a bit insane all in one episode without it ever seeming contrived or over-the-top.  I think she’ll be a serious scene-stealer next series.

Burrough’s body is found.  Jonas *finally* realizes that he is doing more harm than good for The Paradise and leaves the place much to Moray’s and Dudley’s relief.  In a rather sad scene, he tosses his creepy, little book over the bridge and goes on his way.

Pauline drops a bunch of boxes and a cheeky looking chap, who we have not seen before, helps her pick them up.  He likes her; she likes him.  In typical Pauline fashion, though, she doesn’t remember his name.

Clara still has it out for Denise.  In a drunken state, she tells Edmund that Denise loves Moray.  She initially pretends that she feels bad about telling him that, but I think she wound up being sincerely unhappy she did so.   She isn’t a bad person, but she will do such awful things.  You can’t hate her, though, because nothing ever works out for her.  Plus, it is very obvious she has a terrible drinking problem which only makes her even more sympathetic.

Miss Audrey and Uncle Edmund finally realize they are in love and actually kiss!  I hope they get married!

The Radio Times story on what might happen in series 2 of The Paradise.   It raises several questions: Can Denise and Moray’s romance survive the revenge of the Glendennings? And will Edmund and Miss Audrey’s union stand the test of time?

It is an intriguing read and I  especially like this quote:

But Katherine isn’t one to give up lightly – as seen by her wily ways in her desperate attempts to retain her fiancé. Her father, Lord Glendenning, became awfully powerful during tonight’s episode and we’ve seen before that his wealth and status wield enormous influence over the local community.

I have no idea what will happen but I am looking forward to finding out 🙂

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