Patrick Malahide as Lord Glendenning: The Paradise S01E04

Patrick Malahide as Lord Glendenning in the Paradise

“You’ll make no effort to tempt Katherine back into some sort of reconciliation with you, hmm?”

Each week The Paradise seems to just get better and better. I love the way the characters are developing and it is a real treat to watch. The pacing makes for easy (but not dull) viewing and the cinematography is lovely.

This week was especially gratifying because it gave us plenty of Patrick Malahide as Lord Glendenning. His character went the wide range, starting with an upbeat zeal that was joy to watch and ending with a depressing low that made me feel ever so sorry for him.

Peter Adler: Dream Son-in-Law

When we first see Lord Glendenning, he is hosting a shooting party. His mood is vibrant and bold. He really seems to be enjoying himself. He also seems to be relishing in reminding Moray that Katherine has moved on and he trusts that Moray will not encourage reconciliation. Moray, despite receiving a hearty back-slap, seems dour and distant. He is also awfully overdressed. It is a rather cute scene since Moray has a total sullen, emo kid vibe that contrasts with Glendenning’s irrepressible heartiness.

The reason for the heartiness is that Katherine is now being courted by the lovely Peter Adler. Glendenning seems completely smitten by the well-moneyed philanthropist. It is easy to see why. Adler is rich, charitable, knows how to mend a broken coach wheel, knows the name of every single plant he sees, and is generally completely awesome. If only Katherine would see him in the same light!

Later, Lord G. catches Katherine arranging a beautiful vase of flowers she has just picked. He is happy to lean against the doorway and watch her. When they speak, he apologizes to her because he had thought her weak, lacking the character to realize that Peter Adler ‘is where true happiness lies’. It is a very sweet and sincere scene.

Burnt Toast

Glendenning’s joy is not to last long. When they are out in the sun, enjoying a croquet match, he is obviously disgusted to see Katherine openly toying with Adler. First she claims to have left her fan indoors but when Adler dutifully dashes off to retrieve it for her, she suddenly ‘realizes’ it was behind her the whole time. She continues trifling with him so that he doesn’t know what to do until Lord G. gruffly tells him to just get on with his game. Annoyed, Katherine flounces off while snapping open her fan.

Later that evening, Adler and Katherine are playing backgammon. Adler asks her if she thinks of Moray often and she replies ‘only every day’. Adler offers to withdraw his courtship to give her time to resolve her issues. Lord Glendenning, while fetching some drinks, overhears the conversation and angrily goes off by himself.

The next morning, he is all in a state, venting his frustration at the poor maid for not toasting his bread properly. “Toast is bread cooked; this is bread…threatened with a flame.” Katherine admonishes him for his bad mood and leaves him to grumble on his own.
His troubled mind proves disastrous when shooting later that day. He is clearly still vexed by Katherine’s behavior and shoots quickly and wildly. A scream is heard and he realizes he has shot one of the beaters. Katherine does try to settle his mind by telling him that the beater will be fine but that does little to ease him. “I could have killed him!” Sometimes they are just so perfect together. Half the time I can’t decide if I like Katherine or not 🙂

Finally, she admits to him that she loves Moray. Adler naturally picks that exact moment to pay a visit. Great timing! Katherine tries to get out of receiving him but Lord Glendenning is having none of it. “You will face who you are and what you do to people who love you!” He is talking as much about himself as he is Adler.

Glimpses from next week’s Glendenning scenes include one of him telling Moray that he best accept the loan now before it is withdrawn and saying, “You toyed with him and now it’s his turn to toy with you” to Katherine.

On the non-Glendenning front:

Miss Audrey suffers some psychosomatic illness brought on by stress about her upcoming birthday and Denise’s amazing competence.

While Miss Audrey is bed-ridden, Denise is put in charge of the ladies department which instantly drives a wedge between her and Clara. Well, that friendship didn’t last long. At least Pauline (who is now admitting to having a crush on Sam; but he has a crush on Denise) is delighted. Pauline has a scene-stealing moment where she interrupts a stand-off between Denise and Clara to let them know she almost sold a hat. 🙂 Oh, Pauline. Promise us you will never change.

Denise’s uncle (and Miss Audrey’s old flame) Edmund realizes what is stressing Miss Audrey out and tells Denise who tells Moray, being sure to keep Edmund’s name out of it. So Moray has to beg Miss Audrey back to work by re-establishing her authority and confidence. It works a treat; as if there were any doubt it would. The episode ends with Miss A. having a birthday dance with the eel.

Oh, and Dudley went down a few notches in my estimation. That is because he pays Katherine a visit imploring her to reconcile with Moray. He is so ridiculously adamant that Moray and Katherine marry. Dudley! You are not Cupid so knock it off!

Gorgeous Gallery Courtesy of RFodchuk

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