Patrick Malahide as Lord Glendenning: The Paradise S01E02

The Paradise: Patrick Malahide as Lord Glendenning

Demanding that Sam be sacked. “What is there to speak about? Do you doubt my word?”

Episode Two of The Paradise is even better than the first since the characters are now fairly well established. Story and gallery (lovely grabs courtesy of RFodchuk) below

Here is a brief synopsis from BBC’s The Paradise website:

Katherine Glendenning’s oldest friend, Jocelin, pays a visit and is soon seduced by wonders of The Paradise. But her erratic spending begins to concern the staff; are her actions masking a secret? When Sam comes to Jocelin’s rescue in the Great Hall, a chance moment leads to a misunderstanding that threatens his career and the reputation of The Paradise. And it’s left up to Pauline to save the day.

Meanwhile, excitement spreads through the store when a glamorous new promotion is announced, leaving Miss Audrey flustered but giving Denise the opportunity to shine in Moray’s eyes

Fortunately Sam (Stephen Wight)is fully exonerated and Lord Glendenning takes care of the erratic spending. Lord G. is something of a father figure to Jocelin (played by Lark Rise to Candleford’s Olivia Hallinan) which means Moray, once again, has to tread carefully as to keep on Glendenning’s good side while also giving Sam a fair chance to explain himself.

It is Dudley (Matthew McNulty) who really manages to explain the situation fairly to both Glendennings. As a character, Dudley is really standing out for me. I love the way McNulty is portraying Dudley. He is forthright, sincere and genuinely cares about The Paradise and the people in it.

When Lord Glendenning invites both Dudley and Moray over for dinner, Dudley looks positively delighted. It is a very cute moment and highlights Lord Glendenning’s warm side (he is, actually, a very warm character so far but fiercely protective of those he cares about) and Dudley’s professionalism and sincerity. I am hopeful that future episodes will feature plenty of scenes with Lord Glendenning and Dudley together πŸ™‚

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