Patrick Malahide as George Wilkins in “Bridget Jones’s Baby” – The Grabs Edition

A few weeks ago, Fearless Admin was lucky enough to see Mr. Malahide as Foreign Secretary George Wilkins in “Bridget Jones’s Baby” (2016) in the theatre, and write a brief review.  I’ve since seen it for myself and thought I’d contribute a few grabs – since George Wilkins’ socks, for example, simply must be seen to believed.  But Admin is right, he’s much cuter than Boris Johnson.  😉

George Wilkins and his incredibly festive socks Patrick Malahide as George Wilkins in "Bridget Jones's Baby"

George Wilkins and his incredibly festive socks

Mr. Malahide is only on screen for a couple of minutes, but he makes the most of what he’s got.  Admin was completely right about George Wilkins’ socks; they are incredibly loud.  And as she also noted, very festive!  I guess you could say that the blue in his socks kind of matches his tie, sorta.  I also like that he’s wearing the socks completely without comment, and no one else comments on them, either.  They’re just undeniably there,  while the rest of his suit is nicely tailored and conservative.  I think we can guess that whatever kind of Foreign Secretary Mr. Wilkins is, he’s not boring.

Being asked an unexpected question

Being asked an unexpected question

Hijinks ensue when Bridget Jones’ (Renée Zellweger) friend, newscaster Miranda (Sarah Solemani) begins interviewing Wilkins about an ultra-serious topic, the recent death of a brutal African dictator, for some type of tv news magazine show.  However, Miranda is actually channeling questions from Bridget’s half of a phone conversation about the death of a ne’er-do-well ex-boyfriend of Bridget’s, which Miranda is overhearing in her earpiece.  The questions are (of course) highly inappropriate when applied to an African dictator, resulting in some startled double-takes and extremely quizzical looks from Mr. Wilkins.  But I have to give him credit for remaining unflappable and attempting to answer Miranda’s absurd questions as if they were normal.  When Miranda says “we’ll all miss him”, seeming to refer to the dictator, Mr. Wilkins diplomatically replies that while N’gotche was “a colourful character on the world stage”, the fact he was responsible for the murder of ten thousand of his own people, mostly women and children, “probably did rather put him on the wrong side of history.”  He’s a master of understatement.

Ever unflappable: "Let's hope so."

Ever unflappable: “Let’s hope so.”

By the time Bridget starts paying attention to the show again and directs a genuine question Miranda’s way (“Well now, that is an interesting question… finally,” Wilkins drily comments) time has run out and there’s only enough room for the briefest of soundbites – even though Wilkins looks like he’s warming up to the topic at last.  Asked whether he thinks the “spirit of democracy can carry over into West Africa” now that the dictator is dead, but forced to condense his answer into two seconds, Wilkins replies, “Let’s hope so.”  Short but sweet!

And that’s the last we see of him!  As mentioned, a very brief role for Mr. Malahide, but still a fun one.  We didn’t get much time to get to know George Wilkins, but we do admire his taste in men’s hosiery.  😉  As for the parentage of Bridget’s baby, you’ll have to watch the movie to find out.


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