New Partial Patrick Malahide Photo from Luther ;-)

BBC America have Tweeted this teaser pic for the upcoming series of Luther.  There have already been several photos from filming, so I know the man under the beautiful jacket is indeed a trim and flexible Patrick Malahide.  There are several posts on this blog showing photos of Patrick Malahide’s  (And you can even see his face in some of them!) involvement in the upcoming mini-series with the internet’s number one choice for the next James Bond, Idris Elba.

BBC America: Idris Elba and Patrick Malahide

BBC America: Idris Elba and Patrick Malahide

I can’t wait to see this and find out why Luther is being so rough.  Digital Spy have a little piece on the Tweet also, asking “Who is Idris Elba hiding in this first-look picture from Luther series 4?”  Well, the answer is Patrick Malahide, but I don’t know yet who he is playing or why he seems to be in so much trouble.  😮  Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long.


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