Favouritest Grabs Ever – Twelfth Edition

Time for another edition of our Favouritest Grabs Ever.  As usual, these are grabs of Mr. Malahide’s performances that Admin and I found especially interesting, appealing, or entertaining and why.

RF’s Picks:

Flt Lt. Mike Kelly is not enjoying being at a dance

Flt. Lt. Mike Kelly is not enjoying being at a dance

What’s Going On in This Picture?

It’s from the “Dead Letter” episode of the series, “Danger UXB” (1979). recapped here.  Mr. Malahide plays Flt. Lt. Mike Kelly, who is sitting very morosely and tensely at a dance amidst all the music and merriment – and it’s not just because of the “No Jitterbugging” sign.  In fact, he and his entire crew (I’m guessing F/L Kelly is a bomber pilot) are all very sombre, for reasons which aren’t explained until Royal Engineers Lieutenant Brian Ash (Anthony Andrews) shows up.  Ash is with the Bomb Disposal Unit (hence the “Danger UXB” of the title:  “unexploded bomb”) and meets a woman named Elspeth (Deborah Grant) at the dance, to whom he is quickly attracted.  However, Elspeth is also the target of many angry glares across the dance floor from Kelly – not because he’s jealous, but because he regards her as somehow responsible for the death of one of his fellow pilots, as a sort of jinx.  Kelly ends up confronting Ash and Elspeth, warning Ash (without knowing he’s in Bomb Disposal) that he won’t be long for the world if he keeps hanging around with Elspeth.

Why Is This One a Favourite?

You can pretty much feel the intensity radiating from Mr. Malahide through the screen.  He and his mates are a small island of almost funerary sombreness in the midst of so much happiness that they stand out like sore thumbs.  The scene just makes you want to keep watching to find out what happened to make them that way, while at the same time you’re wondering why they’re there in the first place and not somewhere quieter.  And the stares F/L Kelly directs at Elspeth are quite intimidating; his smoldering anger is almost palpable.  I was sure it would turn out that he was a jilted lover until he explained things to Ash.  His reasons for hating Elspeth weren’t logical, but they did emphasize how superstitious pilots could be.  Plus this scene is one of my favourites because intriguing storyline aside, I think Mr. Malahide looks absolutely smashing in an RAF uniform.  😉

Admin:  He looks incredibly tense.  The man next to him does indeed look somber, but he also looks quite drunk.  F/L Kelly is sharp and alert.  It also seems like he is actually willing his blood to boil.  Superstitions are often just a form of scapegoat, and that seems to be at play here with his pointed stare.  I also agree he looks smashing in the uniform. 🙂

George Cornelius finessing his fedora brim just so.

George Cornelius finessing his fedora brim just so.

What’s Going On in This Picture?

This might be cheating a bit because it’s from a fairly recent one.  😉  It’s from S05E02 of “Luther” (2019), recapped here.  Mr. Malahide plays crimelord George Cornelius, who is rapidly becoming one of our favourite characters at the Appreciation despite his propensity for violence.  George suspects that DCI John Luther (Idris Elba) might know a lot more about the kidnapping of George’s son, Alistair, than he’s letting on.  In fact, George thinks Luther might be working with psychopath Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson), whom he knows is holding Alistair.  George has just sent a bunch of his thugs to search Luther’s flat to see what they can find while he waits in his Jaguar, but George is too impatient to sit back and wait.  In this scene, he’s just gotten out of his car and put his fedora on so he can go in himself, rather like he’s girding himself for battle.

Why Is This One a Favourite?

I love the fact that George is too impatient to wait for his thugs to report back; he has to be in on the action personally.  Possibly he doesn’t trust his men to do a proper job without him there; it takes him all of three seconds to say, “Sod this,” and decide he’s going in.   And I really like the fact that George is so old school that he puts his hat on first, adjusting the brim so it looks perfect.  I’m sure it’s all second nature to him and he might not even be aware he’s doing it, but it’s such a wonderful little flourish for the character.  In fact, there are several occasions in “Luther” where it seems like George C. dons his fedora just before doing something especially decisive, so it really appears to be the way he prepares for battle.  Or perhaps that’s just wishful thinking on my part.  😉  As a side note, Mr. Malahide looks just as smashing in a fedora as he does in an RAF uniform.  You can tell George is a successful old school gangster just by looking at him, too; he’s extremely well-dressed and put-together.

Admin: As is often the case, George C. looks a little over-dressed for his less than picturesque surroundings because that is a very stylish outfit he has on.  I definitely agree that he treats his fedora like a knight lowering his visor for battle.  When he stalks off while adjusting his fedora, you know he means business.

Admin’s Picks: 

He’s like a gun-slinging bus inspector. Note the rag & bone man’s horse behind him.

What’s Going On in This Picture?

It is from “A Man of No Importance” (recapped here) which has been rather on my mind as of late, especially as I’m writing this on St. Patrick’s Day.  As for what is going on, Patrick Malahide’s character Inspector Carson has just hopped off the bus after hassling our two heroes Alfie (Albert Finney) and Robbie (Rufus Sewell) for a second time.  Luckily this time he wasn’t besieged by mad school girls, so his confidence is probably higher than usual.  You can see him swaggering and over-exerting his sense of authority.

Why Is This One a Favourite?

The wild streets of Dublin.

With his posturing and the dramatic way his coat is flapping, Inspector Carson looks more like the wild west’s Sheriff Carson.  But, instead of a gun, Carson brandishes an overly officious notepad.  I also really like the quaint backdrop behind him.  There is a cart being drawn jauntily by a very pretty horse, a couple of young people are riding a bicycle together as random Dubliners go about their day.  It is all so quaint and charming which makes a nice juxtaposition to Carson who is taking his position of authority way too seriously.  I’m adding a little animated gif so you can scene the scene in action.  It is beautifully filmed.

RF: Carson does have something of a gunslinger’s swagger to him, especially wearing that long coat, complete with turned-up collar.  I’m sure his all-black uniform is one of the perks of his job for him.  And he does rather stand out amongst the ordinary Dubliners just going about their business.  The fact he gets mobbed by schoolgirls (another great scene) suggests he has a certain amount of notoriety with his fellow citizens, too; I’m sure they learn enough of his schedule to know when he’ll be in a specific area – and avoid him.  😉

Realizing they've been spied upon... Yeah, if I saw those eyes, I'd run.

Realizing they’ve been spied upon… Yeah, if I saw those eyes, I’d run.

What’s Going On in This Picture?

This is from “Hunted” S01E04 (recapped here) “Kismet”.  Gangster Jack Turner has just murdered Vincent Cage (Michael Carter) a professor of economics.  Jack is with family friend Lewis Conroy (Richard Dormer) who is genuinely freaked out and horrified by the whole ordeal.  You can see blood splatters all over Jack’s face.  That is because he has bludgeoned the professor to death with a bust of Karl Marx.  How’s that for a bit of irony?  Anyway, Turner’s attention has just been diverted because he has spotted a figure spying them through the window.  I wonder if it could be Byzantium’s best spy Sam Hunter (Melissa George) using her extra special clandestine technique of standing smack dab in front of random windows?

Why Is This One a Favourite?

Jack looks so terrifying!  The last person you want chasing after you is someone whose face is speckled with the blood of the last person who annoyed him.  The tight lip curl and alert expression just add to the danger.  And I love the way the blood contrasts against his pale skin and light blue eyes.  It just makes it all stand out that much more.  His black on black outfit complete the look.  Jack means business!  Lewis stands in the background, blurry and out of focus.  That is fitting because I think right about now the poor guy feels like he must be in some sort of horrible dream.  But, Jack is sharp and in focus which keenly reinforces how alert and on cue he is.  Run Sam!

RF: Totally agreed that Jack looks completely terrifying in this scene, even without the blood splatters!  He has a very intense, pale blue stare and he looks incredibly predatory, which is fitting, considering that he just bludgeoned Cage to death.  Mind you, he’s pretty pragmatic and unapologetic about the deed.  Like George C., Jack is a very hands-on crim.  And yeah, Lewis is both shocked and utterly helpless, having no idea what would happen when he agreed to this meeting.  I have to laugh at Sam Hunter using her special clandestine technique of standing right in the middle of a random window…  One can only guess that Byzantium might need to upgrade its clandestine agent training just a bit.  I found myself wishing that Jack would actually catch up to her when she ran.  Mr. Malahide does indeed make a very convincing dangerous gangster.

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