Favouritest Grabs Ever – Ninth Edition

We’re more than ready for spring to finally arrive (it seems to be taking its sweet time!), so Fearless Admin and I thought we’d try to set the proper mood by selecting our favouritest spring/summer grabs, or just grabs of Mr. Malahide’s work with an overall cheerful, fun, or amusing tone, for this latest edition.

RF’s Picks:

Troy's attempt at a dramatic exit is ruined by taking the wrong room key.<br>Or perhaps the right one. Favouritest Grabs Ever - Ninth Edition

Troy’s attempt at a dramatic exit is ruined by taking the wrong room key.
Or perhaps the right one.

What’s Going On in This Picture?

RF:  It’s from S02E03 of the “Inspector Alleyn Mysteries“, titled “Dead Water” (1994).  Troy (Belinda Lang) and Alleyn’s attempt to take a long overdue, non-working holiday together has been ruined by the fact his old mentor, Miss Emily Pride (Margaret Tyzack) has gotten into a spot of bother in Portacarrick, Scotland.  Despite Alleyn’s advice to the contrary, Miss Emily is trying, in her very inexperienced way, to investigate some supposedly miraculous springs at Portacarrick that she believes led her sister to ignore her health problems in favour of seeking a natural cure.  In the process, Miss Emily has run afoul of the Portacarrick locals by insisting that the springs be closed as a source of revenue, and she now needs Alleyn’s help.   Troy is understandably miffed that Alleyn might derail their vacation in order to help out the rather stubborn Miss Emily, and Alleyn is caught between a rock and a hard place.

In this scene, Troy has been arguing that Alleyn is under no obligation to come to Miss Emily’s rescue since she went to Portacarrick against his advice.  Alleyn still feels as though he should do something, although he’s also leery of disappointing Troy and wrecking their vacation.   In turn, Troy has become a little frustrated with his indecision.  After crisply declaring, “She [Miss Emily] asked for advice.  You gave it, she ignored it.  Good night,” Troy grabs her room key and strides off in what should be a dramatic exit.  However, she has to return only seconds later to get her room key from Alleyn, since she was in such a huff she grabbed his by mistake.  Alleyn wisely says nothing, but his tiny smirk as he hands her key back suggests that he’s enjoying the moment.

Why Is It a Favourite?

RF:  I like it because it’s a lovely bit of chemistry between Alleyn and Troy.  Yes, they’re having a teeny, tiny, but extremely well-mannered spat, but it’s not that serious.  Troy is more annoyed than seriously angry, and Alleyn understands why she’s annoyed.  Heck, she’s mostly annoyed because she resents anyone or anything intruding on private time with her sweetie, and who can blame her?  I also like Alleyn’s knowing smirk as he hands her back her own key, even though (as mentioned) he’s far too SMRT to draw attention to Troy’s mistake by saying anything.   I still suspect she picked up the right key, either by Freudian slip or by design, because she was intending on “accidentally” letting herself into Alleyn’s room later.  😉  I also like this scene for the appealing, homey warmth and glow of the pub, and Alleyn’s teal cardigan.  It’s nice to see him out of a three-piece suit for a change.

Admin:  He looks so completely (and annoyingly, hee) innocent.  Butter would not melt.  It does look very cozy and there is so much positivity there.  While Troy looks decidedly miffed, you can tell that Alleyn has learned to read her and feels comfortable in the situation.  That bodes very well for their relationship.

Casaubon getting to know Dorothea, or the World's Most Uncomfortable Speed Date

Casaubon getting to know Dorothea, or the World’s Most Uncomfortable Speed Date

What’s Going On in This Picture?

RF:  It’s from episode 1 of “Middlemarch” (1994).  Middle-aged, confirmed bachelor clergyman Edward Casaubon has just had dinner at Tipton Grange, and has discovered – much to his surprise – that the young and very attractive Dorothea Brooke (Juliet Aubrey) is actually interested in hearing about his scholarly work.  Not only that, she’s interested in how he’s going about studying it!  He’s been telling her about his great work-in-progress, The Key to All Mythologies, and by all appearances she seems utterly fascinated.  This has suddenly awakened Casaubon to the possibility that Dorothea might be worth getting to know as a kindred spirit, or at least one who admires his academic endeavours.  So in this picture, Casaubon is attempting to pour on the charm for Dorothea – but you can tell it’s something he hasn’t done very often.  It’s a sincere, but extremely painful-looking and awkward smile, like he hasn’t taken it out of the box very much.

Why is It a Favourite?

RF:  Well, I have a soft spot for Casaubon as it is, and Mr. Malahide just brought a great deal of humanity and sympathy to his portrayal.   This scene is wonderful for showing us how unused Casaubon is to personal interaction, let alone interaction with women.  It’s like Dorothea is the first to ever impinge on his consciousness, and it’s all because she appears interested in his studies.  To her credit, Dorothea is truly fascinated by the potential she thinks Casaubon’s studies could have, and he in turn is flattered by, and attracted to, her admiration.  So he’s trying to do something very new here, but it’s obvious that he’s not very good at it.  He’s lived a somewhat lonely life up to this point, so perhaps the greenery could also indicate the awakening of his emotions.  Luckily for him, Dorothea is incredibly understanding and already thinks he’s hot anyway.

Admin:  It is incredibly sweet.  You can see his hesitant optimism.  He is clearly nervous, but he is also able to pick up the (very obvious) cues that Dorothea is actually interested in him and the things he does.  There is something childlike about his reaction which manages to be endearing rather than cringy.  Awwwww 🙂

Admin:  And my choices:

"Patrick Malahide & Emun Elliott"

Saying that his partners would rather invest in shipping or coal than a store.

What’s Going On in This Picture?

This is from the first episode of “The Paradise.” Moray (Emun Elliot) is trying to convince Lord Glendenning to invest in the titular store.  Lord Glendenning, a very practical and canny banker, is dubious.  Lord G. is also somewhat concerned about his daughter Katherine’s (Elaine Cassidy) attraction to the would be shop mogul, so he’s a little frosty when it comes to all matters Moray.

Why is It a Favourite?

Oh the greenery is simply fantastic.  I love the stylized topiary and all the different shades of green.  I also really like the forceful way in which Lord Glendenning is striding through it all.  You can quickly tell he is the one who is in charge.  The one with the big stick is always the one in charge. 😉   He just looks so dynamic and in control.  This image of him charging purposefully through his grounds rather sums him up.  He is a man who loves his home and the land it is on.  He obviously invests a good bit of money into its upkeep. While perhaps not the warmest of spring/summer days, you can still tell it is comfortably mild and the color and textures are all still very lovely and green….just like the money Lord G loves.

RF:  Agreed, the greenery and the setting are just gorgeous.  You could see Lord G. taking many walks here just because he likes his gardens so much.  Also agreed that he looks very hale and hearty with his walking stick.  Of course, he’s also taking care to have this conversation away from where Katherine could possibly overhear it, no doubt to protect her feelings – and perhaps save himself a scene if she insists he give Moray the money right away.  But he didn’t get to be a successful banker by investing in every fly-by-night operation that comes along.  😉

Admin:  Just about anytime we got Lord G. outside it was brilliant.  He’s so full of vim and vigor just like a good member of the gentry should be. 🙂

Of Mr. Patel: “Why on earth did they ever let that man out of prison?”

What’s Going On in This Picture?

This is from S02E03 “Indian Summers“.  Lord Willingdon, the Viceroy of India, and his private secretary Ralph Whelan (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) are decked out in their cricket whites, hoping to impress the impetuous and imperious Maharajah (Art Malik) with a fun game.  They are referencing a Mr. Patel (Siddharth Kumar) who has also been invited to play.  Mr. Patel is a socially and politically active opponent of the status quo which includes British rule as well as the likes of the Maharajah.  It is a funny moment because the Viceroy had just greeted that agitator Mr. Patel, only to turn around and mock whine to Ralph about him.  “Why on earth did they ever let that man out of prison?” 🙂

Why is It a Favourite?

Well, first of all, they look great in their cricket whites.  The Viceroy looks especially dashing and fit.  The friendly and wholly unguarded way he is chatting with Ralph is also quite touching.  You can see how implicitly he trusts and even likes Ralph.  His smile and joking attitude as he has a little whinge about the awkwardness of hosting both the Maharajah and Mr. Patel for a “fun” game (which is far too politically involved to be properly fun) is all very cute.  While Ralph isn’t actually the man Lord Willingdon believes him to be, this scene with the two of them is very sunny, charming and sweet indeed.

RF:  I have to agree that they both look great in their cricket whites, especially Mr. Malahide.  Since the real Viceroy was such an avid cricketer, I do wish we could’ve seen more of Mr. Malahide’s Viceroy actually playing.  I also like the way he and Ralph are sotto voce gossiping about various people as they walk by; it does suggest that he very much regards Ralph as his right-hand man, if not a surrogate son.  It was great to see them on the same wavelength for a bit, even if things didn’t turn out quite the way Lord Williingdon hoped they would.

Admin:  It was so nice to see those brief little moments of the Viceroy in a less guarded situation.  Granted, as you you say, he was talking softly, but it was so fun.  I also wish we’d seen more of him playing cricket and being generally active.  The moments where he got to unwind a tad were definitely my favourites.

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