Analysis of a Scene XXXIX: Cool Confident Chisholm

Cool, confident Chisholm.  His nails are more important than those two.

Time for a look at another one of our favorite scenes. This time we’ll be analyzing a brilliant DS Chisholm moment from Minder S02E12 “Caught in the Act, Fact.” (Recap here.) We particularly love this episode because Chisholm is very cool, collected and droll.

Just so you know what is going on, Arthur got Terry a “minding” job keeping an eye on a Lady Margaret Thompson who is also a magistrate. Unfortunately, she is also a total kleptomaniac. Her husband told Arthur to make sure Terry fully understood this little flaw in her character, but Arthur kept that tidbit to himself in order to ensure Terry would take the job.

Terry caught holding the bag full of nicked goods.

Shock, horror! Terry escorted her while shopping where she took advantage of a five-fingered discount. Of course, Terry was the one left holding the bag (literally) and was taken in by the store detective while Lady Margaret made a very smooth getaway completely unnoticed.

To make matters worse, earlier in the episode Terry’s fingerprints were found on a car that had been used in a robbery. There weren’t enough prints to secure a conviction or even a formal charge, but it certainly put Terry right on Chisholm’s well-honed radar. Let’s just say, Cheerful Charlie is living up to his nickname at the moment.

“Listen, I’m innocent…”

[The scene opens in the police interview room.]

Terry: Listen! I’m innocent. There is no way I’m going to plead guilty to something I didn’t do.

Chisholm: I don’t see you got much choice, Terry.

Terry: Oh, do leave it out. I mean you know I didn’t do it.

Chisholm: All I know is that you and your fellow conspirator here have given me a story that’s going to be laughed out of court.

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Happy World Goth Day!

Happy World Goth Day from our favorite goth 🙂

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Are We Sure They’re Played by the Same Guy? IV

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these posts where we take a look at a couple of incredibly different Patrick Malahide characters.  It is always amazing to us how easily he can transform from one character to another, so here’s a new installment of Are We Sure They’re Played by the Same Guy.

John Poole and Balon Greyjoy

Admin: My choices are John Poole of “Five Days” and Balon Greyjoy of “A Game of Thrones“.  They are both fathers who have lost a lot and handle the grieving process in incredibly different ways.

Brief Background

They both have their hobbies.

John Poole is a seemingly happily married, retired science teacher who now spends his time making homemade jam and being a pretty awesome grandfather, particularly to his eldest grandchild Tanya.  His life however takes a very bad turn when his only daughter Leanne disappears, leaving behind a husband and three children.  How he and the rest of the family cope with this is an integral part of the series.

Lord Balon Greyjoy is, as I’m sure you well know, the ruler of the Iron Islands.  He has long held ambitions for expanding his rule and has a habit of starting rebellions.  His last rebellion went particularly badly when two of his sons were killed.  His youngest son, Theon, was taken away from him in order to ensure fealty to the then ruler of the Iron Throne King Robert Baratheon.  Balon spent the next several years stewing away while his only daughter Yara took on the role of his son.


Barbara: "Look at you, pleased with yourself." And he is, too. :-)

He loves his jam.

When we first meet John Poole he seems to have it together.  While we get hints that his self-centered wife Barbara doesn’t fully appreciate him, he comes across as contented with his jam making hobby and his close relationships with his daughter Leanne and teenage granddaughter Tanya.  Everything about him exudes warm coziness.

He hates Daf.

But we know he isn’t too happy with Leanne’s choices in partners.  Her first husband Daf is a self-centered jerk and a lousy father to Tanya.  Leanne’s second husband Matt is a much better person, but it seems John doesn’t fully approve of him.  Matt works as a personal trainer and is Black.  He obviously doesn’t hate Matt, but there is a spikiness  which shows John isn’t as perfect as he initially seems and can be more emotionally driven, especially when it comes to his daughter.

He’s about as welcoming as he looks.

Balon Greyjoy is a hard, hard man.  As mentioned before, he loves rebellions.  Being ruler of the Iron Islands, he is kind of obsessed with proving himself to be as iron like as possible.  So drive and ambition and constant rebellion are sort of his thing.  However, by the time we meet him, he is somewhat retired from all that.  But, unlike John Poole, Balon doesn’t spend his twilight years making jam.  Instead, he rolls out the map and directs his two surviving children in a brand spanking new rebellion.  The more Balon changes the more he stays the same. Continue reading

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Happy Teachers’ Day!

Happy Teachers’ Day from the Appreciation!

Every day is Teachers' Day for Mr. Quarles.

Every day is Teachers’ Day for Mr. Quarles.

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See Patrick Malahide in If Looks Could Kill

Inspector Nugget, of the Yard

In 2000 Patrick Malahide played “Inspector Nugget, of the Yard” in the very funny “If Looks Could Kill: The Power of Behavior.”  I wrote a little post on a YouTube clip promoting it.  Good news! For the time being at least, you can see the whole thing online here courtesy of Training ABC.  It is a lower-resolution promotional version with a couple of “preview copy” branding bugs, but it is still very watchable and very funny.

Mr. Malahide is absolutely perfect as the rather intimidating and accusatory (although also sometimes gentle and always educational) Inspector Nugget (of the Yard).  He might not have the most dashing name, but he is still pretty darn dashing nonetheless.   He speaks with a very warmly raspy, refined voice, but there is a little bit at the very end where a touch of “gentle Cockney copper” slips through.  It is very cute. 🙂

The point to the video, of course, is to learn how to improve customer relations by choosing the behavior you wish to see replicated.  Inspector Nugget details a number of funny but also frustrating consumer encounters that befall Dawn French‘s character, the very flustered Miss Hapless.  Learning through laughter with Patrick Malahide.  What could be better? 🙂

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Favouritest Grabs Ever – Ninth Edition

We’re more than ready for spring to finally arrive (it seems to be taking its sweet time!), so Fearless Admin and I thought we’d try to set the proper mood by selecting our favouritest spring/summer grabs, or just grabs of Mr. Malahide’s work with an overall cheerful, fun, or amusing tone, for this latest edition.

RF’s Picks:

Troy's attempt at a dramatic exit is ruined by taking the wrong room key.<br>Or perhaps the right one. Favouritest Grabs Ever - Ninth Edition

Troy’s attempt at a dramatic exit is ruined by taking the wrong room key.
Or perhaps the right one.

What’s Going On in This Picture?

RF:  It’s from S02E03 of the “Inspector Alleyn Mysteries“, titled “Dead Water” (1994).  Troy (Belinda Lang) and Alleyn’s attempt to take a long overdue, non-working holiday together has been ruined by the fact his old mentor, Miss Emily Pride (Margaret Tyzack) has gotten into a spot of bother in Portacarrick, Scotland.  Despite Alleyn’s advice to the contrary, Miss Emily is trying, in her very inexperienced way, to investigate some supposedly miraculous springs at Portacarrick that she believes led her sister to ignore her health problems in favour of seeking a natural cure.  In the process, Miss Emily has run afoul of the Portacarrick locals by insisting that the springs be closed as a source of revenue, and she now needs Alleyn’s help.   Troy is understandably miffed that Alleyn might derail their vacation in order to help out the rather stubborn Miss Emily, and Alleyn is caught between a rock and a hard place.

In this scene, Troy has been arguing that Alleyn is under no obligation to come to Miss Emily’s rescue since she went to Portacarrick against his advice.  Alleyn still feels as though he should do something, although he’s also leery of disappointing Troy and wrecking their vacation.   In turn, Troy has become a little frustrated with his indecision.  After crisply declaring, “She [Miss Emily] asked for advice.  You gave it, she ignored it.  Good night,” Troy grabs her room key and strides off in what should be a dramatic exit.  However, she has to return only seconds later to get her room key from Alleyn, since she was in such a huff she grabbed his by mistake.  Alleyn wisely says nothing, but his tiny smirk as he hands her key back suggests that he’s enjoying the moment.
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Villains Whose Plans Didn’t Quite Come Together (Played by Patrick Malahide)

Into everyone’s life, a little rain must fall…  It’s sad but true that more than a few of the villains played by Patrick Malahide have been forced to endure the humiliation of their plans not coming together.  They can have money, henchmen, efficiency, and lots of motivation at their disposal, yet sadly, still fail to achieve their goals, sometimes in spectacular fashion.  So Admin and I thought we’d at least do them the honour of discussing a few of our favourites.

Peter Teller  |  Professor Fisher  |  Terrence Dirk-Brown  |  Mr. Hastymite  |  Mr. Lachaise

RF:  My choices are…

Peter Teller
(“Fortress 2:  Re-Entry“, 2000)

Type of Villain:

It's hard out here for a space prison warden. Villains Whose Plans Didn't Quite Come Together Played by Patrick Malahide

It’s hard out here for a space prison warden.

He’s the director of a space-based prison named the Fortress, which is orbiting Earth.  It would appear that Teller hasn’t been home in quite some time, because he’s beginning to go a bit doolally.  Or maybe he always was that way, and his father, who owns the corporation that built the Fortress, just sent him into space to be rid of him.  Either is entirely plausible.  Anyway, because Teller is an eeeeeeevil space warden, it’s in his job description that he has to torment the prisoners as sadistically as possible.

World Domination, or Personal Profit?

Admiring his new giant space gun. No double entendre here!

Admiring his new giant space gun. No double entendre here!

A little of both, really.  Unbeknownst to anyone on Earth, Teller (with the help of supercomputer Zed, who’s really his only friend out in space) has been using the convicts as slave labour to turn the Fortress into a giant weapon, using energy collected from the sun to power a huge laser gun pointed right at the Earth.   He’s been skimping on the convicts’ upkeep and treating them as disposable, so there’s lots of extra profit going into his pockets as it is, but ultimately, I presume his Grand Plan was to hold various Earth cities for ransom.  You know, Bond-villain style.  It’s actually not a bad plan, sorta kinda, and he almost gets away with it.
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Random Malahide Picture 20

Source: BBC Genome

From the BBC Genome Facebook page:  A gorgeous photo of Patrick Malahide as wide-tie aficionado Colin Anderson from “The Standard“.

Happy birthday to actor Patrick Malahide. Though best known for his roles in Minder and Game of Thrones, he also made notable BBC appearances in The Singing Detective (alongside Michael Gambon), and as Detective Inspector Alleyn in The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries. Earlier in his career he often worked for BBC Scotland, including in the music and comedy series Something to Sing About, as well as drama series such as The Standard (pictured)

Come on, BBC.  Get this series on DVD!  We want to see it!

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It’s a Meme! 51 – Birthday Edition

Admin:  The happiest of birthday wishes to Mr. Malahide!

RF: Happy birthday, Mr. Malahide!  🙂

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Something Neat – A New Alleyn Novel!

From the Guardian

Money in the Morgue is a particular kind of crime novel: a traditional golden age-style crime novel that also falls into the subgenre of “continuation novel”, written by Stella Duffy and featuring Ngaio Marsh’s beloved detective, Inspector Roderick Alleyn of the Metropolitan Police.

By continuation, they mean it was started by Ms. Marsh and completed, many years later, by Stella Duffy.  Interesting!

What’s that? A new Alleyn novel on the horizon? Source: The Guardian

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