It’s a Meme! 57 – Umbrella Wranglers

This has been a completely bonkers (in a good way…a good, bloody, crazy-ape bonkers kind of way) series of “Luther”.  Nothing I expected to happen happened, and everything that did happen, I never would have expected.  Therefore,  the number one rule of “Luther” is to expect the unexpected which means it is like the Spanish Inquisition…only bloodier.

But one thing you can count on is that Crime Lord George Cornelius is a man of eminence and esteem which means he at least has a little bit in common with a certain decidedly less nutty Lord.

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It’s a Meme! 56 – George Cornelius Fun

Just a little teaser post until we get the proper “Luther” recaps going 😉

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It’s a Meme! 55 – New Year’s Edition

Admin:  Happy 2019 from the Appreciation featuring some slightly different perspectives 😉

RF: Happy New Year, everyone!  🙂

drunk chisholm new year's memealleyn troy new year's meme


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Mortal Engines Recap

“Run it down.”

Well, I finally managed to see Mortal Engines. I enjoyed it, and it made for a nice Christmas Eve outing. However, it differs greatly from the book by Philip Reeve. Many of the key changes revolve around Patrick Malahide’s and Hugo Weaving’s characters. Before I get into all that, I’ll add a spoiler warning. Continue at your own peril!!!

Continue reading

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It’s a Meme! 54 – Christmas Edition

Admin:  Merry Christmas from the Appreciation!

RF:  Merry Christmas, everyone!  🙂

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Analysis of a Scene XLI: Chisholm Borrows Money

Christmas shopping wipes us all out.

Admin: It is time for a Christmas themed Analysis of a Scene.  While “Minder on the Orient Express” might not seem especially Christmassy, it actually is.  Back in 1985 it aired on Christmas day as the highlight of ITV’s Christmas schedule.

In this clip, poor Chisholm has the unenviable task of enlisting Arthur Daley’s and Terry McCann’s help in keeping his undercover copper status a secret as he takes part in an Interpol investigation.  I don’t know about that; he still screams “copper” or at the very least “security” to me.  But, they agree.

RF:  Agreed, Chisholm’s appearance pretty much screams “copper” no matter where he is.

George Cole as a young money lender.

Admin: To further add to his exasperation, he has to lower himself to borrow money from Arthur Daley.  It seems the stipend the Metropolitan Police provided him with isn’t nearly enough to cover the lavish expenses of the Orient Express.  To us at the Appreciation, this is made all the more fitting when you consider George Cole played a young Ebeneezer Scrooge in the classic Alistair Sim production.

RF:  Chisholm’s expression when he discovers his per diem is too pitifully small to cover his expenses is a wonder to behold.  You can just sense his panic.  😀  He can’t possibly ask his French colleague, François, for help and the only other people he knows on the train are Terry and Arthur.  What a horrible predicament!  He’s even reduced to try speaking French to the train chefs in order to beg some food [spoiler alert:  it doesn’t work]. Continue reading

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It’s a Meme! 53 – Winter Solstice Edition

Just in time (mostly) for the Winter Solstice.  Credit to Fearless Admin for the idea.  🙂


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Random Malahide Picture 24 Geoff Boycott

Patrick Malahide as Geoffrey Boycott

Here is a lovely photo of Patrick Malahide as cricket player Geoffrey Boycott from the 1987 television movie “Our Geoff.”  Wikipedia describes Mr. Boycott as being a controversial player, so it must have been a very interesting movie.  I’d love to see it.  Hopefully some day it will be available on DVD or will get another television airing.

Needless to say, Mr. Malahide looks fantastic in cricket whites, but we already knew that. 😉

 Seems Lord Willingdon rocked the whites too..
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Luther Series 5 Given January 1 Start Date

George Cornelius has a shooter!

The BBC have confirmed that series 5 of Luther will begin January 1, 2019.  A bit of George Cornelius sounds like a good way to start any year, so that is fantastic news.    They have also released a nice looking trailer.  It is obviously going to be a very intense series.  

As you can see, Gorgeous George looks like he gets in a spot of bother and has to resort to violence.  OK, that isn’t a big deal for him, but it’ll be exciting for us.

Smashing glass, guns, arson.  It must be a Monday in Lutherville.

Trailer Below

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Something Neat! A Longitude Article and Book Review


Patrick Malahide as John Harrison

RFodchuk recently found a smashing article promoting the 1998 “Longitude” documentary movie, Appreciation recap here.  It is an excellent adaptation, and Patrick Malahide does a fantastic job of bringing the driven and feisty John Harrison to life.  And what a life it was.  Harrison’s unrelenting work in building high precision timekeepers to establish longitude at sea saved countless lives and also probably many economies.  Without him, Britannia may not have Ruled the Waves as she did.

I recently read and thoroughly enjoyed Dava Sobel’s very well-written book “Longitude” on which the movie is largely based.  My enjoyment was even more enhanced by being able to use Mr. Malahide’s performance as a backdrop in my mind’s eyes and ears.

I found this part in the BBC article amusing, discussing Harrison’s writings

Yep, he has a lovely Yorkshire accent.

“[Dava] hadn’t made much use of them in her book,” says the programme’s director Peter Jones, “and when we turned to them, we could see why. They are immensely difficult to follow and are almost impenetrable.”

But by reading and re-reading, Jones and his team were able to see elements that would make the basis of useable dialogue – elements built on by Malahide and his knowledge of the Yorkshire accent.

Sobel does indeed make note of Harrison’s peculiar (even by the standard of his time) style of writing.  From her book: Continue reading

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