Something Neat! A Longitude Article and Book Review


Patrick Malahide as John Harrison

RFodchuk recently found a smashing article promoting the 1998 “Longitude” documentary movie, Appreciation recap here.  It is an excellent adaptation, and Patrick Malahide does a fantastic job of bringing the driven and feisty John Harrison to life.  And what a life it was.  Harrison’s unrelenting work in building high precision timekeepers to establish longitude at sea saved countless lives and also probably many economies.  Without him, Britannia may not have Ruled the Waves as she did.

I recently read and thoroughly enjoyed Dava Sobel’s very well-written book “Longitude” on which the movie is largely based.  My enjoyment was even more enhanced by being able to use Mr. Malahide’s performance as a backdrop in my mind’s eyes and ears.

I found this part in the BBC article amusing, discussing Harrison’s writings

Yep, he has a lovely Yorkshire accent.

“[Dava] hadn’t made much use of them in her book,” says the programme’s director Peter Jones, “and when we turned to them, we could see why. They are immensely difficult to follow and are almost impenetrable.”

But by reading and re-reading, Jones and his team were able to see elements that would make the basis of useable dialogue – elements built on by Malahide and his knowledge of the Yorkshire accent.

Sobel does indeed make note of Harrison’s peculiar (even by the standard of his time) style of writing.  From her book: Continue reading

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The Express on the Return of George Cornelius

Gorgeous George doing a bit of gangsterin’. Source: The Express

The Express has an article  discussing the delightful George Cornelius, who was recently featured in a teaser clip, and his return to”Luther”.  From the article:

 A new teaser clip shows the return of a popular character, George Cornelius (played by Patrick Malahide) in a dramatic showdown with DCI John Luther (Idris Elba).

Fans will remember in season four, Luther’s tense run-in with London crime boss George Cornelius.

Luther ends up getting involved with George, who is described as “a gentleman and a crook, a family man and a ruthless delinquent” in season four when looking into Alice’s (Ruth Wilson) life.

They don’t really provide any more information than what was shown in the teaser clip, but there are some very nice photos of Gorgeous George.  We at The Appreciation are really looking forward to seeing him in action once again.

And there has been another brief Magnus Crome sighting.  “Mortal Engines” has released yet another featurette, and in this one Magnus is shown being very Mayoral indeed.  He appears around the 43 second mark making a grand entrance.  I like the post-apocalyptic Beefeaters.

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A Look at Magnus Crome

“Run it down.”

So here he is: Mayor of London, Magnus Crome in all his glory.  He appears in a new “Mortal Engines” featurette around the 42-second mark alongside Hugo Weaving’s Thaddeus Valentine. It is brilliant to see Patrick Malahide and Hugo Weaving (a favorite of RFodchuk who chose him as a Wished for Co-Star) working together.

Crome looks fantastic, if a bit more mayoral looking than what I initially imagined based upon the book.  It seems some poor little city is about to get the chop as he issues the order to “run it down.”  Yep, he’s a villain alright.

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New Luther Clip Featuring George Cornelius

Be sure to tune in!

The BBC have begun promoting the upcoming series of “Luther” which features Patrick Malahide as that roguish old-school London gangster George Cornelius. This shocking (hee) new clip is fantastic and shows that George is as feisty as ever. His eldest son Alistair, the one who washes the money — allegedly, has gone missing, and Luther is suspect Numero Uno.

No official word just yet on when the new series begins, but we at the Appreciation are very much looking forward to it.

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Favouritest Grabs Ever – Eleventh Edition

It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at our Favouritest Grabs, so Admin and I thought it was about time – plus it gives us an excuse to look through grabs.   As always, these are scenes from Mr. Malahide’s performances that we found especially interesting, entertaining, or appealing.

RF’s Picks:

John Harrison whips off his wig after a long journey by foot Favouritest Grabs Ever Eleventh Edition

John Harrison whips off his wig after a long journey by foot

What’s Going On in This Picture?

It’s from “Lost at Sea:  The Search for Longitude” (1998), recapped by Admin here.  Mr. Malahide plays self-taught carpenter and clockmaker John Harrison, who in 1714 is engaged in trying to figure out a better way for calculating longitude for ships at sea.  Up until this point, ships had been using “dead reckoning“, which wasn’t accurate enough and could sometimes result in disaster if ships were too close to rocks or other naval hazards.  The British government has offered a reward of £20,000 (an astronomical (no pun intended) sum for the time) to anyone who can come up with a reliable way for ships to calculate longitude, and John Harrison is in the running for the prize.

In this scene, Harrison has just returned from a lengthy journey – on foot! – from Barrow to London, to present his findings thus far to the Astronomer Royal, Dr. Edmond Halley.  In turn, Dr. Halley refers Harrison to London’s most famous clockmaker, George Graham.  The meeting actually goes well, but Harrison is concerned that Graham might try to pirate his ideas – although Halley assures him that Graham is an honourable man and wouldn’t do that.  Harrison also expresses some professional skepticism about Graham’s abilities as a clockmaker:  “While Mr. Graham proved indeed a fine gentleman, if truth be told I were taken aback by the poor, little feeble motions of his pendulums. The small force they had, like poor creatures sick and inactive. But, I commented not on the folly of his watches.”  Clearly, there’s a lot of professional pride at stake.  😉  Anyway, one of Harrison’s first acts upon returning home is to take off his wig, with an obvious sense of relief at finally being able to do so.
Continue reading

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Guy Fawkes Night Special: Patrick Malahide as King James I

King James I

Remember, remember, the fifth of November
The Gunpowder Treason and plot.
I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot.

Happy Guy Fawkes Night

Happy Guy Fawkes Night from The Appreciation. In celebration, we’ll have a look at Patrick Malahide’s portrayal of King James from 1981’s “Into the Labyrinth” (S02E02), Treason.

First, here is a quick summary, courtesy of Wikipedia.

Opening Credits

“Into the Labyrinth” is about a struggle between two feuding sorcerers, good guy Rothgo (Ron Moody) and the evil Belor (Pamela Salem). Each wants to recover the Nidus, one of those super magical items that brings with it untold powers…and without which Rothgo will die. Rothgo befriends three modern children, Phil, Helen and Terry (Charlie Caine, Lisa Turner, and Simon Henderson) who help him in his quest. They travel through different time periods, hoping to piece together different parts of the Nidus, but they always find trouble in the form of Belor.

The three time travelers.

In “Treason” the children are transported to the reign of King James I during the infamous Gunpowder Plot. Rothgo has assumed the identity of Guy/Guido Fawkes. Belor is hanging around in the form of a bat and seems to be getting a massive kick out of attacking poor little Helen’s hair. The effects are dated, but Pamela Salem is having such a blast (no pun intended) with the role which more than makes up for any production value issues. Continue reading

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It’s a Meme! 53 – Halloween Edition

Admin:  Happy Halloween from The Appreciation

Happy Halloween, everyone! 🙂

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Probable Vampires and Vampire Slayers (Played by Patrick Malahide)

It was a dark and stormy night... Vampires and Vampire Slayers Played by Patrick Malahide

It was a dark and stormy night…

We’re rather fond of Halloween here at the Appreciation, and the approaching holiday gives us the perfect opportunity to discuss some of our favourite characters in a more Halloween-y light – that is to say, dark and mysterious, with thunderstorms raging outside and things going bump in the night.  Fearless Admin and I had to work quite a bit to narrow our choices down, but we’ve finally decided on our favourite Probable Vampires and Vampire Slayers played by Mr. Malahide.  Now, keep in mind that they’re only “Probable” because, of course, nothing has been proven conclusively.

Jack Turner  |  Edward Casaubon  |  Mr. Hastymite  |  Asst. Commissioner Henry  |
Sir Hugo Carey-Holden  |  DS Albert Chisholm

RF:  My choices are:

Probable Vampire:

Jack Turner
(“Hunted“, 2012)

Type of Vampire:

Jack Turner: Being spattered with blood is all in a night's work. Probable Vampires and Vampire Slayers Played by Patrick Malahide

Jack Turner: Being spattered with blood is
all in a night’s work

This is a bit tricky as not only does Jack seem to defy qualification as a crimelord, he’d defy it as a vampire as well.  He’d be the type of vampire who wouldn’t care if everyone else knew he was a vampire and was shaking in their boots because of it.  He’d also be the sort of vampire who has a hapless Renfield to clean up his various messes, because he wouldn’t want to be bothered with details like that.  He probably wouldn’t even normally bother to clean up the mess, except that it might attract too much attention to him.

Does He Sparkle?

Peacocking, yes. Sparkling, no.

Peacocking, yes. Sparkling, no.

Oh heck, no!  Haaaa!  Although when he’s not sneaking around wearing all black for his mysterious nighttime errands, he does enjoy bright colours.  But actual sparkling?  No.  Perhaps only in conversation if/when he’s trying to be particularly genial.  I suspect Jack can be completely charming when he wants to be, especially if there’s something in it for him.  He’d be particularly great at wangling an invitation into your house, which is what all vampires want.
Continue reading

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Random Malahide Picture(s) 23 – Halloween Edition

As Halloween approaches it is a great time to share these vintage photographs of Patrick Malahide rocking some epic costumes.  The first one was found on the Mirror’s photo archive site.  Vroooom-vroooom! From the description



So, after going back in time, we’ll now head to the future. OK, it is the 1970s’ idea of what the future of fashion might hold. I found this gem on Twitter quite some time back. It is from a play called “The Android Circuit“. Patrick Malahide and a tres chic Tammy Ustinov look very avant garde as they strut about in front of Castle Antiques.  I love it!

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New Mortal Engines Trailer — So where is Magnus Crome?

Universal Pictures have started ramping up the promotional work for Mortal Engines and have even dropped a couple of trailers.  Here is trailer #2.  It looks like a very exciting film and seems extremely well made, but we at the Appreciation are getting pretty vexed that we haven’t had a look at Magnus Crome yet.  C’mon, Universal, we *really* want to see how Patrick Malahide looks as the Lord Mayor of a post-apocalyptic, steam punk, mobile London.  Our patience is being sorely tested 🙁

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