Patrick Malahide as George Cornelius in “Luther” S05E03

I’d hate to see his Instagram.

In Luther S05E03 the stakes which are already up a burning tree as RFodchuk has described get even higher and hotter. In the previous episode, Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson) had just murdered Alastair Cornelius (Andrew Mullan) despite there being an entire posse watching over him at George’s sumptuous gaff. George, still unaware of Alastair’s fate, had kidnapped and tortured Luther’s co-worker Benny Silver (Michael Smiley) in an attempt to cajole the titular detective into handing Alice over. Oh, and that serial killer and his wife are still hard at work, so there is literally no rest for Luther these days.

George Needs His Kip

DCI John Luther (Idris Elba) is out hunting for Alice who in the previous episode had left a lipstick written message indicating she favored “option 2” (ie, offing George) on her mirror when he receives yet another badgering phone call from George.

“John, it’s getting late, I need to get my kip.”

George: “John, it’s getting late. I need to get my kip. I do hope you’re not playing for time.” Even when he’s in the middle of torture, George manages to be amusing. The torture itself though isn’t at all amusing. Benny, a genuinely nice character, is a bloodied mess. George cruelly takes another snap of the broken Benny and sends it via smart phone to chivvy Luther on. Continue reading

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Analysis of a Scene XLII: Remembering Clive Swift in “The Pickwick Papers”

Clive Swift as the unlucky in love Tracy Tupman

Clive Swift as the unlucky in love Tracy Tupman

Admin and I were saddened to learn of the recent passing of Clive Swift at age 82.  He made such an indelible impression on us in his co-starring roles with Patrick Malahide, both as the hapless-in-love Tracy Tupman in “The Pickwick Papers” (1985) and Chisholm’s harried boss in “An Officer and a Car Salesman” (1988), that we felt we should remember him with an analysis of one of our favourite scenes from episode 3 of “The Pickwick Papers”.

Taking the romantic plunge

Taking the romantic plunge

First, a little background.  The Pickwick Club, consisting of Mr. Samuel Pickwick (Nigel Stock), Tracy Tupman (Clive Swift), Nathaniel Winkle (Jeremy Nicholas), and Augustus Snodgrass (Alan Parnaby) have just been on a shooting party with their friend, Mr. Wardle (Colin Douglas) at Dingley Dell.   However, while Mr. Winkle purports to be a great sportsman, in truth, guns make him very nervous – so nervous that he manages to wing Mr. Tupman with a stray shot.  The wound is entirely superficial, but Mr. Tupman milks it for maximum effect, using it to elicit sympathy – and a blossoming romantic interest! – from Mr. Wardle’s spinster sister, Miss Rachel (Freda Dowie).

Warning Miss Rachel of Tuppy's nefarious intentions

Warning Miss Rachel of Tuppy’s nefarious intentions

Of course, complications ensue.  Charming con man, sometime actor, and all-around rogue Mr. Alfred Jingle (Mr. Malahide) catches wind of the romance – and Old Mrs. Wardle’s objection to it – and decides to make a little mischief while enriching himself at the same time.   Despite Mr. Tupman’s perfect flood of romantic feelings and gallantry towards Miss Rachel, Jingle warns her that Mr. Tupman will soon begin cutting her dead, paying more attention to her much younger and prettier niece, Emily.  In fact – horror of horrors! – the only reason Mr. Tupman  got romantic in the first place is because he’s only interested in Miss Rachel’s money.  Indeed,  Mr. Tupman’s behaviour seems to bear this out.  He ignores Miss Rachel in favour of Emily, doting on the latter at dinner and asking her to play draughts while Miss Rachel fumes, ignored.  Whatever can have happened to change his mind??  Well, this scene is where we find out.
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It’s a Meme! 59 – Valentine’s Day Edition

Admin:  Happy Valentine’s Day from the Appreciation!

RF:  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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Patrick Malahide as George Cornelius in “Luther” S05E02

Don't keep us in suspense! What happens next??

Don’t keep us in suspense! What happens next??

And after a slight interval, we’re back with episode 2 of Mr. Malahide as George Cornelius in “Luther”!  You can read Admin’s recap of episode 1 here.  To briefly summarize, DCI John Luther (Idris Elba) already has a number of problems to contend with in this series:  firstly, that George believes he might have information about the kidnapping of his (George’s) son Alistair (Andrew Mullan); secondly, that Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson), Luther’s psychopathic paramour, has miraculously returned from the dead and landed right on Luther’s doorstep; and thirdly, that there’s a gruesome serial killer, Jeremy Lake (Enzo Cilenti), currently on the loose.

But First, Back to Belgium, Two Years Ago

Giving Alice the location for the diamond buy

Giving Alice the location for the diamond buy

But first, we start out with a little flashback to Antwerp, Belgium, two years ago.  George has evidently enlisted Alice to sell some diamonds on his behalf.  He gives her directions as to where she’s to go, pronouncing Belgian location names (“Spitsenstraat and Houtdok-Noordkai”) as only a Cockney crim can while a faithful lackey holds an umbrella over his head (not that George seems to mind the rain that much).  Of course, we quickly find out that it’s all a double-cross; George plans on keeping the money and the diamonds (as he freely admits, he’s a thief, remember?).  He’s arranged for some of his men to grab Alice as soon as the buy is made so they can take the merchandise.  However, he doesn’t reckon with Alice’s complete ruthlessness and viciousness; she’s more than a match for the three goons and disposes of them in short order (as George described to Luther while handcuffed to a radiator in S04E02).  Alice even gets to keep the diamonds, once she sorts them out from all the broken glass in the kidnappers’ car.  As she tells Luther, she then faked her own death (even producing a convincing look-alike corpse) to escape George’s revenge.
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It’s a Meme! 58 – Happy Groundhog Day

C’mon spring, we need you! Happy Groundhog Day from the Appreciation.

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Patrick Malahide as George Cornelius in Luther S05E01

George and Luther have a past.

What better way to start a new year than with some dubious policing, violent serial killing, and an irascible old-school gangster.  (You can check out recaps for S04E01 and S04E02 to get familiarized with Gorgeous George.)  Yep, another series of “Luther” has aired, and it is bonkers.

DCI John Luther (Idris Elba) is once again up to his eyeballs in it. He’s on the path of a deranged serial killer but other matters just have a way of popping up. Luckily, he’s got a new DS, the delightfully chipper Catherine Halliday (Wunmi Mosaku), to keep the serial killer story going as well as the ever reliable DSU Martin Schenk (Dermot Crowley). That is a good thing because Luther is always being distracted by the likes of George Cornelius (hooray) and Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson). Wait, in’t Alice dead? Spoiler: No, she in’t.

George and the Spice Girls

Luther: “George, what is all this bollocks?”

Luther is outside minding his own business checking out a damaged tail light when a van suddenly veers into the scene. A bunch of masked thugs hop out, zapping him with a stun gun despite his suggestion they “relax” and shove a bag over his head as they drag him off.

Luther finds himself in what appears to be a deserted nightclub. He’s tied to a chair and is being buzzed with that pesky stun gun while also receiving a few choice punches. The hood is removed and before him stands his old frenemy George Cornelius surrounded by a gaggle of goons. Continue reading

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It’s a Meme! 57 – Umbrella Wranglers

This has been a completely bonkers (in a good way…a good, bloody, crazy-ape bonkers kind of way) series of “Luther”.  Nothing I expected to happen happened, and everything that did happen, I never would have expected.  Therefore,  the number one rule of “Luther” is to expect the unexpected which means it is like the Spanish Inquisition…only bloodier.

But one thing you can count on is that Crime Lord George Cornelius is a man of eminence and esteem which means he at least has a little bit in common with a certain decidedly less nutty Lord.

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It’s a Meme! 56 – George Cornelius Fun

Just a little teaser post until we get the proper “Luther” recaps going 😉

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It’s a Meme! 55 – New Year’s Edition

Admin:  Happy 2019 from the Appreciation featuring some slightly different perspectives 😉

RF: Happy New Year, everyone!  🙂

drunk chisholm new year's memealleyn troy new year's meme


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Mortal Engines Recap

“Run it down.”

Well, I finally managed to see Mortal Engines. I enjoyed it, and it made for a nice Christmas Eve outing. However, it differs greatly from the book by Philip Reeve. Many of the key changes revolve around Patrick Malahide’s and Hugo Weaving’s characters. Before I get into all that, I’ll add a spoiler warning. Continue at your own peril!!!

Continue reading

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