See Patrick Malahide in If Looks Could Kill

Inspector Nugget, of the Yard

In 2000 Patrick Malahide played “Inspector Nugget, of the Yard” in the very funny “If Looks Could Kill: The Power of Behavior.”  I wrote a little post on a YouTube clip promoting it.  Good news! For the time being at least, you can see the whole thing online here courtesy of Training ABC.  It is a lower-resolution promotional version with a couple of “preview copy” branding bugs, but it is still very watchable and very funny.

Mr. Malahide is absolutely perfect as the rather intimidating and accusatory (although also sometimes gentle and always educational) Inspector Nugget (of the Yard).  He might not have the most dashing name, but he is still pretty darn dashing nonetheless.   He speaks with a very warmly raspy, refined voice, but there is a little bit at the very end where a touch of “gentle Cockney copper” slips through.  It is very cute. 🙂

The point to the video, of course, is to learn how to improve customer relations by choosing the behavior you wish to see replicated.  Inspector Nugget details a number of funny but also frustrating consumer encounters that befall Dawn French‘s character, the very flustered Miss Hapless.  Learning through laughter with Patrick Malahide.  What could be better? 🙂

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