Patrick Malahide as Claudius: Cinema Broadcast of Hamlet

National Theatre Live

National Theatre Live

The National Theatre will be broadcasting a cinema edition of their 2010 adaptation of Hamlet which features Rory Kinnear as some emo kid named Hamlet and Patrick Malahide  (yay!) as his dear old Uncle Claudius.

The broadcasts start later this year in October.  Click here to find ticket information and which venue nearest you will be hosting.  So far the nearest one to me is over 500 miles away – phooey!  I’m now reminded of a Proclaimers song.

Here’s a nice picture of that fratricidal usurper (no, not Stannis Baratheon) and his loving wife Gertrude.

She's saying, "Lovley portrait, it's very subtle."

She’s saying, “Lovely portrait, dear, it’s so tastefully subtle.”

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