Something Neat XXIII: So What is Jones Up To?

Meic Povey played DC “Taff” Jones alongside Patrick Malahide’s DS Chisholm in eighteen Minder episodes.  He only appeared in three post-Chisholm episodes before leaving the series to pursue other interests.   BBC Wales has a Welsh language article on his post-Minder career as a successful playwright.  He has just had his first commission for BBC Radio Wales.  Here is the Google Translated version.

He speaks fondly of Minder, saying how proud he is of his association with a program which boasted 18 million viewers.  He also says that English was actually a second language to him as he’s more comfortable speaking in Welsh.

Of course, Patrick Malahide has also penned radio plays such as Pleas and Direction so it is hardly surprising he and Meic Povey got on well while filming Minder. 🙂

I couldn’t help but notice the picture the BBC used looked a little familiar.  I am quite certain they used our grab from The Balance of Power. BBC added an ITV logo and cropped it a bit, but it is the same.  Gosh! 🙂

Here is the Beeb’s

BBC's Balance of Power image

BBC’s Balance of Power image

and here is The Appreciation’s

Chisholm & Jones: Best team ever.

Chisholm & Jones: Best team ever.

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