Remembering Glynn Edwards

Dave: A gentleman of infinite patience .

RFodchuk and I very saddened to learn that Glynn Edwards has passed away. Mr. Edwards was a greatly esteemed actor with a very impressive resume.  We at the Appreciation know him best from his role on Minder as the lovable Dave the Barman, owner of The Winchester.

Dave brought so much warmth to the series.  Since we never saw Arthur Daley at home (where the fearsome ‘Er Indoors dwells), Dave’s bar The Winchester stood in as a proxy home.  Dave would handle all of Arthur’s phone calls and always offered a safe place when things got a bit hairy…which was often.  His affability and easy going nature were always a tonic to Arthur’s mad hi-jinx.  And, of course, he was there to lend Chisholm a (tired) ear when need be.

Glynn Edwards:  1931-2018



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