Patrick Malahide as Det. Sgt. Chisholm in Around the Corner, Minder S05E09

Patrick Malahide: Sgt. Chisholm in Minder

Giving Rycott a right look!

Arthur Daley had two great adversaries in DS Chisholm and DS Rycott. What made them even so funny is that, despite their shared goal of wanting to nick Arthur, they hated each other and were intense rivals. Anytime they had a scene together, it was pure gold. Sadly, there are not very many scenes pitting Chisholm against Rycott, but the good news is that Around the Corner (S05E09) had several.

Quick Synopsis

Tasty Tim (Colin Farrell — no not *that* Colin Farrell) is working a dodge with a couple of blokes named Fred & Ted. Poor Arthur is to be the victim of the con. Tasty sets up a deal where Arthur can buy a batch of video recorders from them, but there are really no video recorders to be had. Tasty pretends that he was also a victim of the scam, but Terry is quickly able to figure out what happened.

Tasty, though, has his sticky fingers in several pies. He is a grass to both Chisholm and Rycott and is feeding them the same information. His snitching sends both of them to stakeout Daley and McCann where the supposed VCR deal is meant to be going down. As soon as they (wrongly) think the deal has been done, they get their DC’s to go after Terry’s van. The result is that they crash into one another.

The following scenes are great with them arguing, shooting each other dirty looks down at the nick, and being bollocked by their boss. Chisholm is clever enough to claim that the dodgy grass was anonymous and Rycott follows suit.

When Chisholm and Rycott get a hold of Tasty, it gets even better. Patrick Malahide’s facial expressions are great as he gets angrier and angrier. When he reaches boiling point, Jones lets loose the funniest giggle. The next scene has the loveable Welshman running to Dave’s for booze and comfort where he confides to Dave what Tasty did.

Terry is finally able to catch-up with Fred & Ted and gets them to make things right. They contact Chisholm (allegedly on Tasty’s behalf) to tell him that there will be another illicit deal and politely request that he notifies DS Rycott. Then the exact same routine is pulled on Rycott. Of course, neither sergeant tells the other.

Tasty, who has no idea what is going on, is next seen waiting for another mug to show up to be conned by Fred & Ted. Instead, his car door is yanked open and Mr. Chisholm hauls him out. Rycott wastes no time in showing up and says “I don’t know how you come to be here, Charlie…” and Chisholm screams back, “My name is Albert!”

Oh, and there is a subplot where Daley, in lieu of cash, gets a greyhoud who he names DD (Daley’s Deal) but, of course, it isn’t much of a runner. Well, not until he returns the lazy dog to get his cash back. It turns out DD was just a bit ill and is a brilliant runner.


As far as Daley & McCann go, this was a pretty standard episode.  Daley winds up on the losing end of his deals, but Terry is there to (mostly) bail him out.  Tasty Tim was certainly a fun character; it would have been nice to have seen more of him.  Col Farrell (as he appears to go by these days) made another Minder appearance in season 9, playing a character called Alf.

It is the policemen who make Around the Corner a great episode.  Their scenes are all excellent.  Patrick Malahide’s tense, imploding anger is perfect and his final line, “My name is Albert!” is so funny.  DC Jones (Michael Povey) is also great.  I enjoyed seeing his anguish after, presumably, getting an intense telling-off from Chisholm.  His scene at Dave’s bar was great.


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