Favouritest Grabs Ever – Tenth Edition

Summer is (finally) upon us, so it’s time once again for another edition of our favouritest grabs.  As always, these are grabs featuring Mr. Malahide’s characters that Fearless Admin and I found appealing, amusing, or entertaining, and the reasons why.

RF’s Picks:

DS Chisholm pausing for a quick refuel Favouritest Grabs Ever - Tenth Edition

DS Chisholm pausing for a quick refuel

What’s Going On in This Picture?

It’s from the S04E03 episode of “Minder“, titled “High Drains Pilferer” (reviewed by Admin here) from 1984.  Chisholm (Mr. Malahide) and Jones (Meic Povey) are on the trail of some loot stolen from Susie, girlfriend of notorious gangster Mickey “The Fish” Metcalfe (David Calder) while she was having a shower in her flat,  By a curious coincidence, Terry McCann (Dennis Waterman) is currently on loan from Arthur Daley (George Cole) to Mickey as a driver.  That alone is enough to arouse Chisholm’s suspicions, but his problems are compounded when he finds that the insurers have an ex-policeman named Harbot (nicknamed “Horrible Harbot” by Chisholm and Jones) on the case as well.  You get the impression that there’s no love lost between Chisholm and Horrible Harbot, and that they were likely very unfriendly rivals.  Anyway, in this grab, Chisholm is pausing for a brief but intense refuelling just before Harbot visits and ruins his day a little bit.

Why Is This One a Favourite?

Nom nom nom...

Nom nom nom…

It’s even better when you see him in motion.  Admin has made a marvelous gif of it (see left), showing Chisholm applying an intense amount of attention to munching that biscuit.  Admin and I have speculated that Chisholm mostly runs on his nerves, but when he does fuel up he needs his carbs and lots of hot tea,  so I think we’re seeing Chisholm consuming two of his favourite food groups here.  I also like the detail of his homely little chickie mug.  😀  I doubt it’s something he’d pick out for himself, so Admin and I have come to the conclusion that Chisholm’s nan probably gave it to him.  He’s probably the only DS with one in the entire Metropolitan Police force, and no one would dare laugh at it.  I have no idea if the “Minder” set dressers intended it that way (probably not!), but it’s a nice little glimpse at Chisholm having some rare downtime.

Admin:  Those jaws are so hard at work. 🙂  Yeah, it was probably just a random utilitarian mug as far as the set designers were concerned, but its simple nature fits Chisholm to a tee.

Peter Teller doing some gloat-rolling

Peter Teller doing some gloat-rolling

What’s  Going On in This Picture?

It’s from “Fortress 2: Re-Entry” (2000), a movie that doesn’t have a lot to recommend it except for its sheer silliness and some incredible scenery-chewing performances.  Mr. Malahide plays Peter Teller, the warden of a giant space prison – yes, a space prison – orbiting the Earth.  His main nemesis is convict John Henry Brennick (Christopher Lambert), who is trying desperately to escape the Fortress – made more difficult by the fact the prison is on an orbital platform.  As with all wardens in charge of giant orbiting space prisons, Mr. Teller’s intentions are no good.  He’s using the convicts as slave labour to build a giant space gun (yes, a giant space gun) pointed at the Earth, for fun and profit (mostly profit) for himself.  He keeps the convicts in line with the help of his supercomputer (and only friend), Zed, who subdues the prisoners by sending agonizing pain impulses into small receivers implanted in their brains.  In this scene, Teller is doing some gloating after Zed supposedly “malfunctions” and doesn’t activate the neural implants quickly enough while Brennick is fighting some other prisoners.  Tsk tsk!

Why is This One a Favourite?

As mentioned, ‘Fortress 2″ doesn’t really have a lot to recommend it, BUT I did greatly enjoy Mr. Malahide’s total commitment to his role.   He was easily one of the most entertaining parts of the whole movie.  Teller was a delightfully unhinged, scenery-chewing villain; you got the impression he was going slowly mad out there in space, and not quite realizing it.  Or he did realize it and was simply enjoying it.  So of course he’d come up with a megalomaniacal plan to dominate the Earth with a giant space gun while he had all that time and unlimited labour on his hands.  And because he conforms to certain supervillain standards, he has a stylish all-black wardrobe (very flattering, I must say) and expensive tastes (gourmet food on a space station) to go with it.  Clearly Teller has read his supervillain handbook cover to cover; that pose shows he’s an expert at gloating.

Admin:  He looks so dementedly smug in his impressive surroundings that you can easily guess Teller took everything he learned in Supervillainy 101 very seriously.

RF:  “Dementedly smug” is a great description for Teller.  😀

Admin’s Picks:

“…in the nuts so hard they’ve blown up like footballs.”

What’s  Going On in This Picture?

This is from “Luther” (S04E01).  Luther (Idris Elba) has just unceremoniously hauled the old-school Cockney gangster George Cornelius off for a spot of unofficial interrogation.  It seems George C. is a feisty one because he’s cuffed to a radiator.  Luther wants to know what has happened to his serial killer girlfriend Alice.  Seems she tried to do a precious gems deal with George, only he, being a thief, had his men attempt to steal the gems for himself.  She attacked his men, kicking one of them in “the nuts so hard they’ve blown up like footballs.” Wowsers!

Why is This One a Favourite?

I love this one because it tells us so much about George Cornelius.  There he is, completely vulnerable and chained to Luther’s radiator, but he still genuinely relishes telling Luther this story about how Alice gave his men what for.  His facial and hand expressions are fantastic.  Oh, he is furious with Luther and has no intention of letting this slight go unpunished, but he is also genuinely impressed with Alice’s fighting skills.  I love the contrast of what appears to be a distinguished looking, well dressed gentleman in those dingy, manky surroundings.  But instead of freaking out or panicking he remains remarkably composed and maintains his sense of humour as he shares his lurid tale.  It is a really funny picture, but it also gives a good idea on just how tough and tenacious George Cornelius is.

RF:  It’s true that George C. is remarkably pragmatic about finding himself in this situation.  You get the impression he’s been there a few times before, so he’s not going to panic about it.  And as you say, he’s obviously relishing telling the story, complete with hand gestures.  😀    It must have made a big impression on him.   He’s disarmingly conversational with Luther, too, despite the situation – though he’s already strategizing what he’ll do once he’s free.  Moral of the story:  Don’t leave George C. handcuffed to a radiator and forget about him!

Admin:  That’s something I really like about George C., he’s so chatty no matter what the situation. 🙂

Patrick Malahide: Lord Glendenning, The Paradise S01E08

Just *look* at that restrained glee!

What’s  Going On in This Picture?

This is from the “The Paradise”, S01E08.  Lord Glendenning has just pulled the rug out from under Moray’s (Emun Elliott) feet by oh-so-casually mentioning that he has just purchased the Fee Simple to Tollgate Street, thus completely messing up Moray’s plans of expansion.  Basically, Lord G. did this in order to trap Moray into marrying his daughter Katherine.  While the plan ultimately doesn’t go exactly as planned, to say the least, Lord G. was totally in his element for this moment.

Why is This One a Favourite?

It is often hard to tell if Patrick Malahide is playing a banker or a gangster because he somehow manages to be both elegant and intimidating at the same time either way.  🙂  Up until that point, Lord G. had been a bit more of a pussycat than one would have really liked.  But, once he bought the Fee Simple, his inner tiger finally came out.   You can’t see any fangs or claws, but trust me, they are there metaphorically speaking.  I also love how the annoyingly obnoxious and arrogant Moray looks like a gutted fish.  Such a contrast! Their expressions tell it all.

RF:  “The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat”.  😀  This was the moment when we finally got to see Lord G. pull out all the stops.  Agreed that he’d been a total pussycat up until then; it was so refreshing to find out that he wasn’t, not when it really counted.  It was also gratifying to realize that he’d out-manoeuvred Moray so thoroughly and was about ten steps ahead of him.  I love his expression of glee and Moray’s glum defeat.  “The Paradise” would’ve been so much more entertaining if we’d gotten more of this Lord G.

Admin:  That was a great twist, and they could have taken it so much further.  Such a pity and true wasted opportunity.

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