Favouritest Grabs Ever – Second Edition

We enjoyed it so much the first time, we’re doing another!  (Or to put it another way, we warned you we might be doing it again.)  Here’s our second set of Favouritest Grabs Ever, featuring grabs Admin and I found especially intriguing, appealing, or entertaining, and why.

RF’s Picks:

Rev. Edward Casaubon does his best Thomas Aquinas impression Favouritest Grabs Ever Second Edition

Rev. Edward Casaubon does his best Thomas Aquinas impression

What’s Going On in This Picture?

RF:  It’s from episode 2 of “Middlemarch” (1995).  The Reverend Edward Casaubon (Mr. Malahide) has brought his new (and much younger) bride, Dorothea (Juliet Aubry) to Rome,  for what would be a romantic honeymoon in anyone else’s hands.  Unfortunately for Dorothea, Casaubon has spent most of the trip holed up in the Vatican library researching for his often-discussed, never-written magnum opus, The Key to All Mythologies, ignoring her pretty thoroughly – except for occasional trips where he tiresomely lectures her on Italian art and architecture.  However, in a rare departure from form, he and Dorothea visit the studios of Naumann, an artist friend of Casaubon’s cousin (not nephew!!), Will Ladislaw (Rufus Sewell), both of whom also happen to be in Rome.  Wanting to sketch and eventually paint Dorothea, Naumann distracts Casaubon from his true purpose by asking him to pose for a portrait of Thomas Aquinas – because they’re so alike, you see – while covertly sketching Dorothea on the side.

Why is This One a Favourite?

RF:  The trip to Naumann’s studio is probably the only time during the entire honeymoon where Casaubon appears to be having something approaching a good time.  You can tell from his expression that he’s incredibly tickled to be asked to portray Aquinas, whom he  admires.  He’s willing to hold still like that for hours!  Naumann has taken exactly the right tack in appealing to Casaubon’s vanity, although in a way that emphasizes his intellectuality; it’s an offer Casaubon can’t refuse.  And he has no idea that it’s all a ruse so Naumann can sketch Dorothea, which Casaubon would likely never have given his consent to otherwise.  However, he’s about to sense a disturbance in the Force when he looks over to his right and sees Will and Dorothea quietly conversing about something, out of earshot.  Whatever can they be discussing??  Is it him??  😉

Admin: So is Casaubon a goth? 😉 That is a very cool picture, and the scene is a fantastic one because I was kind of torn between thinking it was all rather funny, but also being very worried that Casaubon’s feelings would wind up being hurt. Maybe I’m biased, but I think Naumann got it all wrong choosing to sketch Dorothea over Casaubon and poor Yorick there.

RF:  Casaubon was a goth before being a goth was cool:  “I live too much with the dead.”  No wonder Dorothea couldn’t resist him.  😉  I think his feelings were perhaps a bit hurt they were talking without him, but I’m not sure he was experienced enough with communication to exactly understand why; he seemed more puzzled and anxious than jealous about the whole thing.

Jack Turner, staking out some territory

Jack Turner, staking out some territory

What’s Going On in This Picture?

RF:  It’s from episode 3, “Hourglass“, of the 2012 series “Hunted” (for whatever reason, “Hunted” seems to provide a lot of the best grabs  😉  ).  In this episode, Jack Turner (Mr. Malahide) and an entourage consisting of son Stevie (Stephen Campbell Moore), grandson Eddie (Oscar Kennedy), faithful majordomo Bingham (Tom Beard), one Redshirt security guard, and Sooper Seekrit Agent Disguised as Mild-Mannered Nanny Sam Hunter (Melissa George) arrive at a four-star hotel, where Jack will be engaged in a multi-million pound bidding war to buy a dam, for nefarious purposes which will be revealed much later.  During a break in the action, we see Jack quietly sitting in the lobby aaaallllll by himself, awaiting a meeting with Patrik Lindberg (Trevor White), a Swiss consultant whom Jack will browbeat into supporting his bid.

Why is This One a Favourite?

RF:  It perfectly illustrates at one glance how dangerous Jack is.  He’s taken over that huge couch, all by himself, just by sitting smack-dab in the middle of it.  You just know that no one with an ounce of sense in their heads is going to try sitting next to him, no matter how comfy that couch looks or much room there appears to be.  He’s like a crocodile lying half-submerged under muddy water awaiting his prey; he physically dominates the entire lobby without so much as lifting a finger.  It’s indicative of how Jack’s risen to the top as a crimelord, shows that he feels he’s entitled to the best of everything, and also pretty much sets the tone for how he plans to dominate the bidding war later.  Eventually one especially stupid wildebeest does venture close enough to speak to him, in the form of his son, Stevie.

Admin: I always think of him as being a sofa shark in that picture 🙂   It is amazing how someone can take up so little space and yet dominate the entire scene completely.   It is so picturesque and well shot too. You have the huge sofa, immense painting, large lamps and there is Jack smack-dab in the middle of it all like the boss he is. 🙂

RF:  I can just imagine all the passers-by giving that sofa a wide berth while he’s there.  No one’s going to say, “Oh, look at that poor, sweet older gentleman over there, all by himself!  Let’s invite him to tea!”

Admin:  Morticia Addams might. 😉

RF:  She’s the only one who would!  😀

Admin’s Picks:

Chisholm: "What a boil on the backside of humanity." Jones: "Aye... Who'd have thought that Arthur would have a skinhead for a nephew."

All they need is a theme tune.

What’s Going On in This Picture?

Admin:  This is from Minder: From Fulham with Love.  Chisholm and Jones have just been at Arthur Daley’s car lot and met Nigel, Daley’s ghastly skinhead nephew…by marriage of course.  Chisholm: “What a boil on the backside of humanity.” Jones: “Aye… Who’d have thought that Arthur would have a skinhead for a nephew.”  Nope.  They didn’t like young Nigel at all!

Why is This One a Favourite?

Admin:  It sums up Chisholm and Jones perfectly.  Jones is in his casual, laid back attire complete with jeans while Chisholm has his adorable full fledged old-fashioned 1950s look going on.  Those two were a more like Daley and McCann than Chisholm ever realized.  I also like it because it is a full bodied, outdoor shot.  Somehow these outdoor shots give television characters a much larger, freer vibe.  I like seeing them less constrained and outdoor shots are always fun because you get to see what the streets, etc. looked like. But, the best thing about it is how it looks like an opening title shot to a tv show about a couple of career coppers. 😉  Those two would have been awesome in their own show.  With Chisholm’s intensity, sarcasm and absolute devotion to his job and Jones’ more laid back, philosophical approach, combined with his own ironic sense of humour, those two would have made a wonderful pairing on the “Chisholm and Jones Show”.  You can almost hear the theme tune…or feem toon. 😉  I fully understand that both Mr. Malahide and Meic Povey probably wanted to move on to different things after being on Minder for such a long time, but they’d have still been perfect because of their amazing chemistry together.

RF:  I totally agree that Chisholm and Jones could’ve had the makings of a really good series, especially if the writers had gone back to the more canny, confident Chisholm of early Minder rather than the perpetually frustrated Wile E. Coyote we got later.  At their best, they have great chemistry together, contrasting with and complimenting each other’s characters extremely well – and I love the way their sartorial styles differ so much.  It also would’ve been interesting to see them take on some more serious crimes and criminals.  Inject a bit of humour so it takes on an almost “Barney Miller“-like tone, and I would’ve watched the heck out of it.

Admin:  I agree a Barney Miller tone would be fun.  I really like the precinct scenes in Minder, so getting a full series of it would have been lovely.  And, yeah, the more confident Chisholm would have been an absolutely ideal character for such a show.

Watching Byrne and Strang escape over the rooftops when...

The epitome of dashing.

What’s Going On in This Picture?

Admin:  This is from The Abduction Club.  Patrick Malahide’s character, Sir Myles, has just engineered the escape of his two reckless protegees, Strang and Byrne.   They were to be hung by the order of the villainous Lord Femoy who was mostly just mad that Sir Myles had abducted and married his fiancee many years ago.  Can you blame her for choosing Sir Myles?

Why is This One a Favourite?

Admin: The beautiful blue sky frames an equally beautiful Sir Myles who is looking terribly dashing in his tricorn hat and stock.   It is such a simple image, but it says so much.  The way the shot focuses upwards just adds to the majesty of it all.  He is watching as the two lads make their escape, and there can be no doubt whatsoever that he is the man in charge.  It just perfectly illustrates how dashing and heroic Sir Myles is.

RF:  That grab pretty much shouts, “Adventure!”  🙂  Sir Myles is a very appealing character:  charming, bold, daring, and with a wonderful sense of humour, and that grab encapsulates all of those qualities.  You’re right, he’s completely in charge and he’s very much enjoying having just pulled off a massive diabolical stroke.  He also can’t resist rubbing Femoy’s nose in it just a bit (okay, a lot – he does a definite gloat roll).  Naturally Lady Sir Myles ran off with him!  I would love to see Mr. Malahide get another role like this.  🙂

Admin:  Oh, yes, indeed.  Sir Myles is such a fun, dashing leader and Mr. Malahide is absolutely suited for those sorts of roles.  More please! 🙂

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