New Year’s Resolutions: Patrick Malahide Characters

Happy New Year from Patrick Malahide, An Appreciation

As we say “goodbye” to 2013 and “hello” to 2014, let us take a moment to ponder what sort of New Year’s Resolutions some of Patrick’s Malahide’s characters might come up with.

First up, Dear Enemy‘s Dr. Robin “Sandy” MacRae and The Game of ThronesLord Balon Greyjoy. Click to enlarge pictures.

Sandy MacRae

Sandy MacRae’s New Year’s Resolutions

Balon Greyjoy's New Year's Resolutions

Balon Greyjoy’s New Year’s Resolutions










RF:  And next, Kidnapped’s Ebenezer Balfour and Middlemarch’s Edward Casaubon (click for a larger size):

ebenezer new yearscasaubon new years

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