Patrick Malahide on Radio 4 BBC January 30

Albert Speer’s Walk Around the World will air at 2:15 to 3pm (UK time) on BBC Radio 4, January 30.

For non-UK residents, and those won’t be able to listen real-time, it should be on the Radio 4 website for about a week for anyone to listen to (link here). Patrick Malahide has a wonderful voice and his audio work is top rate, so I am looking very much forward to hearing this radio play.

Miranda Sawyer, writing for The Guaradian gave it an excellent review:

Albert Speer’s Walk Around the World featured a bravura performance from Patrick Malahide as Albert Speer, locked away in Spandau Prison, embarking on imaginary journeys in his mind. Chilling stuff, excitingly written, with real and virtual worlds overlapping and linked by Speers’ guilt, this was worthy of a thoughtful chin-stroke, if not exactly cheery.

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