Patrick Malahide as Ned in The Secret Pilgrim: Radio 4


Sir Richard is a good espionage cipher so we’ll use him.

Patrick Malahide can currently be heard portraying George Smiley’s former pupil Ned in a BBC Radio 4 dramatization of John LeCarre’s The Secret Pilgrim.  Part 1 has already aired in the UK and is currently available (worldwide I believe) on iPlayer until 4:02AM Sat, 21 Dec 2013 (UK time).

Click here for the Radio Times guide for parts 2 and 3.  They will also be available on iPlayer for up to one week after transmission.

If you want your very own iTunes copy, it is available for download, at least in the US.  It is also available for download at and

The Secret Pilgrim is yet another Malahide project that will eventually be recapped here.  🙂

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