National Theatre: On Demand. In Schools – Hamlet

"I have to write a report on Hamlet and I still haven't read it."

“Man! I have to turn in that report on Hamlet tomorrow, and I still haven’t read it.”

Found on YouTube, From the National Theatre:

From September 2015, classrooms across the UK will be able to stream the National Theatre’s smash-hit productions of Hamlet, Othello and Frankenstein, for education purposes.

Each play is curriculum-linked and will be supported by comprehensive learning resources produced by teachers and leading artists.

The streaming service for UK schools is free to use and available on demand. No special software is required to watch the streams, and streams can be viewed on multiple devices.

Productions are recorded in high definition in front of a live theatre audience by National Theatre Live. Recordings are chaptered so you can jump straight to the scene you need, and you can watch the production as many times as you wish.

This service is available exclusively to UK teachers and schools.

Cool!  Doesn’t do me much good here in the States.  That’s OK, I read Hamlet in high school any old how.  Of course, in the National Theatre adaptation, Patrick Malahide plays dear old, long suffering Uncle Claudius who has to put up with Rory Kinnear’s bratty emo kid Hamlet.  At least I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes. 🙂

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