Boy and Going Solo Now On Audible



Earlier this year, Patrick Malahide provided the voice of Roald Dahl  in BBC Radio adaptations of “Boy” and “Going Solo”.  They are now available on  It is brilliant that the BBC have made this available for Audible.  Both “Boy” and “Going Solo” are excellent productions and Patrick Malahide is a very warm, joyful, wistful, and immensely believable Dahl.

It is also available on in both Audible and CD format.

From the description

"See that, Eddie? They're putting on fireworks especially for you."

“Did I ever tell you about the chocolate factory fire, Eddie?”

Boy: Dahl’s childhood was one of excitement, wonder, terror and sadness. From his fascination with the local sweetshop to the Great Mouse Plot, the horrors of boarding school, the obnoxious Boazers and his time as a chocolate taster for Cadbury’s, we hear of the extraordinary events that shaped him and inspired his best-selling books.

Going Solo: setting sail for Africa on the SS Montola, aged 22, Dahl is plunged into an unfamiliar world of eccentric colonial characters. In Tanzania he enjoys life on the savannah, encountering lions and deadly mambas – but when World War II breaks out and he must round up the Germans in Dar es Salaam, he experiences the brutality of war. As he leaves the bush behind and takes to the skies as an RAF pilot, many thrilling adventures and dangerous missions will ensue before he finally makes his way back home.


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