Are We Sure They’re Played by the Same Guy? II: Period Drama Boys

There are a lot of different looks for Patrick Malahide in this YouTube video collection of scenes from his period/costume drama roles. Some look decidedly similar (Asst. Commissioner, Robert Blair, Alleyn), while others are way more singular (Jingle, Casaubon, Conroy, Guy de Glastonbury). Music is Dvorak’s American Second movement, “Lento”. I chose that piece because it features (perfectly) in Sensitive Skin.

  1. Balon Greyjoy – Game of Thrones
  2. Guy de Glastonbury – Blackadder
  3. Sir Francis Walsingham – Elizabeth I
  4. Governor Ainslee – Cutthroat Island
  5. Sir Myles – The Abduction Club
  6. Uncle Ebenezer – Kidnapped
  7. Rev. Casaubon – Middlemarch
  8. Mr. Jingle – The Pickwick Papers
  9. Sir John Conroy – Victoria and Albert
  10. Robert Dangerfield – The Blackheath Poisonings
  11. Lord Glendenning – The Paradise
  12. Rev. Edwin Sorleyson – December Bride
  13. Rev. Keach – A Month in the Country
  14. Assistant Commissioner – The Secret Agent
  15. Robert Blair – The Franchise Affair
  16. Chief Inspector Alleyn – The Alleyn Mysteries


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